Five Noteworthy Restaurants In Peru We Want To Eat At

By Mallika Dabke November 10, 2017
Photo: Adrien Sala on Unsplash

If Italy, France or England are the first countries that come to your mind when you hear the word Gourmet, it’s time you rethink everything you know. Slowly but surely, over the last few years, the gourmet food scene has watched as the Peruvian capital of Lima has marked its territory in the world of gastronomy.

It’s not hard to figure out why or how Peru is so gastronomically acclaimed. Peru is a melting pot of cultures. Its food has international influences from Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese and Japanese immigrants, and age-old Andean techniques passed on from generation to generation. Their vast indigenous cultural communities have inspired the food the humble nation serves, and we’re honestly so excited to make a dream food trip here! If you’re visiting here (and we highly recommend you do for all the surprising food experiences in store), these are our five favourite picks of places you must not miss when you’re there!


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Undisputedly one of the best and most popular restaurants in Peru, it has been ranked in Latin America’s best restaurants too many times for us to not want to go there and to put on this list! Located in Miraflores, Lima, this top-notch restaurant is run by Chef Virgilio Martínez Véliz (who is even featured in an episode on Chef’s Table!). Chef Virgilio has a beloved food philosophy. He brings to his guests an array of ingredients from his land, from the Pacific waters to the Andean heights and Amazonian rainforests.

Some of the Chef’s specialities include Peruvian potatoes with muña, a kind of Andean mint, and alpaca heart shavings; and Scallops spiced up with Peruvian rocoto peppers.

Pro Tip: You might have to make a table reservation earlier than even booking your flight tickets!

Astrid & Gastón

Another Internationally acclaimed and celebrated spot, it is run by Gastón Acurio and his wife and Astrid Gutsche. Both Celebrity Chefs in Peru, have written a number of cookbooks and have a vast number of years under their belt, spent studying, learning and practising, to help Lima beam on the gastronomical map of the world.

Some of the most recommended dishes here are their Signature- a Peking guinea pig, their spin on Cuy, one of Peru’s national dishes; Slow cooked Tempura Egg, with coriander marinated scallops and lobster, served with pistachios and vanilla.


La Picantería

A Picantería is traditionally a Peruvian lunchtime restaurant predominantly in the cities of Arequipa and Cuzco. La Picantería serves authentic food from these areas of the country.If you are in Surquillo exploring the market’s food stalls, La Picantería is a go-to, for you to experience these community style meals that are all simple food, served in large portions.

Here you can try Causas, which are mashed yellow potato cakes that are topped with sardines or chicken. You can try their fresh crab stew or slow-cooked beef short ribs that are known to practically fall off the bone. Wash it down with Maracuya (passion fruit) pisco sour at the bar.


If one thing is for certain, it is that Japanese cuisine has integrated itself in the most beautiful way with Peruvian food. At Maido, they cook Nikkei Cuisine, a combination of South American and Asian flavours and techniques. Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura makes sure every diner goes through an experience. While you might be greeted with a cacophonous greeting of “Maido!” by the staff, you can choose to eat the tasting menu, or you can go the a la carte way.

You can navigate the wide selection of sushi, sashimi and nigiri. Try the confit guinea pig gyoza or duck confit with Peruvian green rice, grilled octopus with native potatoes, peas and mushrooms.


We wanted to put this humble spot here for only the best, most authentic reason: Ceviche. Run by a modest fisherman and his wife, Sonia is a classic Lima restaurant not to be missed. A meal here is a loud and lively celebration. It’s a true family-run business, with fresh ceviche flying out of the kitchens. We reckon that if we’re doing ceviche right, it’s gotta be done in the most authentic way possible. More than a couple of decades ago, Sonia ran her homemade ceviche shop without her husband knowing, and word-of-mouth made her success. Now, she runs her rewarding business, and you can sometimes spot her dancing along to a live piano.

Though small and humble, Sonia is a hit among culinary experts across the globe. Don’t be surprised if you bump into Anthony Bourdain himself!

If these five reasons to visit Peru aren’t enough for you, we’re not sure what can top it. It’s a whole new world over there, an entire culinary universe to explore. These restaurants are contributing to Peru by crafting some unbelievable recipes, and our contribution lies in making sure we consume them! Have you started packing your bags yet?