This Instagram Account Has Delightful Photos of Doors & Windows

By Mumbai Foodie July 25, 2017

It’s quite cool to know that Portuguese travel photographer Andre Vicente Goncalves was a computer science student before he switched professions. His deep love for travel combined with his desire to offer a unique portrayal of the world is his what led to the birth of his geometry-porn worthy Instagram feed.



Have you ever seen so many intricate doors in a photo? Image:



The windows range from plain geometric to more detailed, stylish versions. Image:


With work published in magazines like Conde Nast Traveller, Spain Tourism, National Geographic Traveller, and Vogue BR, Andre’s work is a surprisingly insightful visual treat of windows, doors, landmarks and landscapes from all over Europe. His recently started pet project leads a separate identity as Windows and Doors of the World.


Windows of the World - Setubal, Portugal

Windows of the World – Setubal, Portugal. Image:


In a blog post, Andre described windows as a vital part of a building that brings it to life by adding personality and vitality to it. As a photographer, he aims to show that every house can have a different style and choice, setting it apart from the others.


Facade in Santa Susana

Facade in Santa Susana. Image:


Facade in Paris, France

Facade in Paris, France. Image:


It’s wonderful to see so many types of windows, some ornate, some simply geometrical, in a range of colours, materials, and rather distinct architectural styles, be it from towns in Italy, Spain, or Andre’s native Portugal.

Andre has travelled around Italy covering cities and towns like Venice, Trento, Burano among others. He has also visited and shot in Romania, Spain, UK, Azores, France and Germany.

The other focus of this project is on doors of the world, which are gorgeously stitched into his Instagram feed showing us a staggering variety of doors from Andre’s travels. These images offer a curious peek into the architectural styles followed by people over the years from the same European towns and cities.

We could spend hours simply looking at the images while trying to guess which country they might be from or which architectural style they follow.


Andre’s work sheds light on how much we can focus on, and focuses on details without burdening the viewer with them, letting them soak in with more time spent on each image.