Bandra’s Burger Joints | MF Guide

By Ruchika Agarwal October 12, 2017
We can’t take our eyes off this Stuffed Chicken and Cheese burger from The Burgery!

If heaven were to present itself as food, a juicy and flavourful patty, doused in delicious house-made sauce, blanketed a soft bun would be one way it could go. Bandra’s hippest burger joints present us with the opportunity to reach closer to heaven with each bite of yummy goodness from the several options on each of their menus.

Between Breads, Pali Hill


Between Breads’ menu boasts burgers with flavours from across the world – from The Classic, their take on the cheeseburger, to the Classic Cubano that packs ham and pulled pork, and the Korean Morean, with a fish fillet.

Quick tip: Don’t just go for the burgers here. Their milkshakes – Brownie Town, and Banavfefe are to die for.

The Burgery, Pali Hill

I like big buns, like this one at Burgery!

I like big buns, like this one at Burgery!

The Burgery’s menu lists delicious options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians like The Great Indian Dabeli, Beetroot and Carrot, Mince Mutton and Stuffed Chicken. And what would a burger joint be without its fries! They offer crunch Masala Fries, Cheesy Fries and even Pesto Fries.

Burger Bros, Carter Road

Burger Bros’ cosy interiors at one of the most prime foodie locations emulate a New York City vibe. Their menu sticks to burgers, shakes, nachos and fries. The best part: you can customise and maximise flavour with their dozen extra burger topping options and over half a dozen dip options to go with their freshly cooked burger patties.

Vegan Burger Kitchen, delivery service

"If you're a burger I'm a burger." Image: Vinayak Grover

“If you’re a burger I’m a burger.” Image: Vinayak Grover


Now before you skip to the next option, give this place a chance! A vegan burger delivery service based in Bandra, Vegan Burger Kitchen brings the American meat-free vegan trend with a menu that has everything including a tofu and mushroom burger, crispy eggplant burger, and even a BBQ Pulled Jackfruit burger. And as we already know, Jackfruit is one of the most underrated food pleasures to come out of the vegan movement.

Quick tip: They also sell vegan mayo by the jar and deliver Brew Ex Machina’s Cold Brew Coffee to your doorstep.


The one thing Howra stands out on this list, or any list for that matter, is for The Godfather. Aptly named, The Godfather is loaded with THREE mutton patties, caramelised onions, onion Rings, their special fiery sauce and barbecue sauce which is finally topped off with a fried egg. Challenge yourself to devour this beast!

Quick tip: If you have room after eating The Godfather, don’t miss the deep-fried Oreos.

YorrBox, Delivery Service

The sumo chicken burger from Yorrick's has got us all nom-nom-nom-ing!

Yorrick’s, or as officially known as YorrBox by Chef Yorrick, is a delivery service around Khar and Bandra. It has a long list of burgers to choose from with all meats equally represented but the El Diablo, the O Fish! And the Fryer Tuck are their most popular ones. If you like your burger a particular way, you can also make your own mixing and matching nearly 40 add-on options. Yes, you read that right, 40!

Frisbees, Hill Road

Frisbees’ Jamaican Gold burger is precisely that – Gold. The Fry Daddy is another way to go for some sumptuous bites. The fat and perfectly crispy are a great accompaniment to their burgers. And their cheese poppers – called Cheese Uppers, are perfect to bring you up from leave you wanting more and more and more.

Quick tip: Don’t forget to ask them about their daily deals. Depending on the day,  you can either eat tax-free, get 10% for finishing all your food or even get a free shake.

What are you waiting for! Bite down on these excellent burgers to be transported to food heaven right from your chair in Bandra.