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By Mumbai Foodie August 7, 2018
St. Xaviers College. Image.

Sitting at home during summer break, one of my fondest college memories are of me and my friends, putting our heads down and spending all-nighters studying with few or no breaks. Just kidding! I don’t think I have a single memory like that but what I do miss is us spending endless hours chatting and hanging out at our college canteen. Unlike movie representations, Indian college canteens are often nothing more than a glorified Udipi restaurant. Walking in, the smell of oil, grease and stale sambar would waft over you, and often stick to your clothes for the rest of the day.

I’m not saying we are served gourmet food, but when you’re on a budget and a hungry teen, it’s the best you can ask for! My friends and I count down the moments before heading to the canteen to bask in the noisy chaos, while sipping on hot chai or chowing down on momos, pav bhaji and Maggi (sometimes all in the same meal!)

Each college has their own favourite hangout, but irrespective of whether you experienced Raju Chinese at HR or Aditi’s at NMIMS, we do create some really good memories. As we’ve started reminiscing, we also want to hear from you! We want you to vote for your favourite college canteen and we’ll share a definitive list on Instagram very shortly.

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Also, we would love to hear your special memories of the college canteen. Write to us at You can also just write in to say hi 🙂

P.s –You will probably find eating us at one of these college canteens. Happy Voting!


Written By: Karishma Manglani