7 Food YouTubers You Should Follow | MF Guide

By Yamini Walia August 8, 2018
The Best Of The Food Youtubers You Need To Tune Into!

If you ask me or anyone who knows me, cooking is not my forte. I lead the ‘order food on Swiggy’ life because I am very lazy to cook. On the rare occasion, when I feel like cooking, I resort to recipes online. Now, reading each and every step can lead to errors and if you have concentration issues, god bless you!

This is why I have started relying heavily on food YouTubers. They make the process of cooking food at home oh-so-easy and of course, extremely fun. If you relate to everything that I just said, here are a few YouTubers that need to be on your list:

Nisha Madhulika

Vegetarians unite! Nisha Madhulika is an expert when it comes to preparing unique vegetarian dishes. In 2007, she started blogging her recipes and ultimately, started her own YouTube channel in 2011. With 4.9M subscribers, we won’t be wrong when we say that she’s surely going to remind you of your maa ke haath ka khaana. Enough reason to hit subscribe, isn’t it?


 Vah Chef

When it comes to preparing simple, delicious food, VahChef is doing everything right. With 1.3M subscribers, Sanjay Thumma also shares cooking tips and techniques on his channel and they’re quite useful. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, take your pick and hit play.

Cooking Shooking

There are talented people and then, there are people like Yaman who knew at the age of 12 what they wanted to achieve in life. And, that’s not it. At the age of 16, he was already a cooking sensation. Needless to say, cooking is child’s play for him (pun absolutely intended :p). Currently, Yaman has two cooking channels, CookingShooking (1.3M subscribers) and Cooking Shooking Hindi (1.5M subscribers). Subscribe to him for all round deliciousness.

Kabita’s Kitchen

We all have heard that motherhood is life changing. For Kabita Singh, it was also career changing because she started her channel only after becoming a mother. 3.3M subscribers swear by her authentic, classic recipes and easy to follow instructions. Perfect for busy moms who are trying to balance 12,000 things at once!

Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

What food is to life, Sanjeev Kapoor is to cooking. We all have grown up watching his cooking show so it’s only natural to follow his YouTube channel. With around 2.7M subscribers, his channel is a one-stop destination for recipes from India and around the world.

Chef Harpal Singh

What do I love about Chef Harpal? His energy and his will to create something new with familiar ingredients. You’ll not only love what he makes but also the way he makes it. 441K subscribers are glued to his channel and you should be too.

Madhuras Recipe Marathi

We all wish to have a hobby that can turn our life around. At least, I do. And, this is exactly what happened with Madhura Bachal. She started her channel as a hobby and soon, it turned into a successful venture. Like her 1M subscribers, follow her channel if comfort food is on your mind.




You’re on YouTube now, aren’t you? Or did this list just inspire you to start your own channel? Either way, you can thank me later.