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By Mumbai Foodie December 15, 2017
Photo: Imbibe Magazine

Considering you guys clicked on this article, is it safe to assume you are #TeamTea? No? Yes?

Coffee might have its loyalists, but today Team Tea unites to celebrate International Tea Day! If you are one of those who can’t have enough cups of tea in one day, then you’ve come to the right place on the internet! We went around looking for the best teas in Mumbai for you to sip on while you’re jamming to Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali Ho.

Read up for your daily chai fix!


Kyani & Co

One of the last few Iranian cafes in Mumbai, you cannot miss this gem of a place near Metro Cinema. With décor consisting of rustic chairs around tables topped with red checkered cloth and wooden shelves laden with cookies and khari jars, Kyani & Co is the quintessential Parsi Café. The classic Irani chai with loads of milk and sugar paired with hot bun maska can make anyone’s day! They may not have loads of fancy teas that the city offers, but it remains a timeless beverage!

Quick Tip: Along with the widely consumed Irani chai, give a shot to the Lemon tea there as well!


Taj Mahal Tea House

One of the fancier tea places in the city, Taj Mahal Tea House is a heaven for all tea lovers. Their winter menu boasts of amazing concoctions of non-milky teas like the Pink Guava and Kaffir, Darjeeling Rum Raisin to milky teas like Moka Dessert Chai! If you love tea and are ready make an extravagant spend, this is the place to visit!

Quick Tip: Try their Malabari Vanilla Coconut Tea & Matcha Rose Tea. Check out their Dessert Chai menu which consists of Kulfi Dessert Chai and more, if you’re in the mood to amalgamate dessert and chai!



With over 12 outlets in Mumbai, Chaayos is filling that dearth of good, affordable tea in the city. Of course it doesn’t match your tapri rates, but Chaayos has many pocket friendly tea options. What’s best is that you can customise your tea in over 12,000 different ways! There is literally something for everyone! They have a concise menu of teas ranging from iced teas to offbeat tea options like Aam Papad Chai and Sulemani Nimbu Chai.

Quick Tip: Winter calls for ordering their soothing and subtly sweet Gur Wali Chai.


Tea Villa Cafe

Move over waffles, Tea Villa Café has one of the best, affordable teas in the city. From a wide range of evergreen Indian teas like Masala, Elaichi, Adrak, Pudina, Kesar Chai to an exotic range of non-dairy teas like Darjeeling Second Flush, the classic Imperial Earl Grey; from herbal teas like Pondicherry Fruit Tisane, Hibiscus, Bloody Orange to flowering or blooming tea like Lychee, Guava and Peach Fairies, Tea Villa Café has it all. A detailed menu of tea consisting of every possible type of tea available in India paired with really delicious food is what Tea Villa Café is all about!

Quick Tip: Though it’s a tad bit heavy on the pocket, try their Lychee Flavored Tea from the range of flowering teas. Not only does it taste delicious, but it’s a sight to behold to see the blooming of the tea buds.


Tasse de Thé 

The newest tea place opened in the historical area of Fort, is a rich mix of luxury and some mind-boggling concoctions of teas! Straight out of a Victorian setting, TDT boasts of housing over 300 types of tea, all exclusive to them. Pretty as a picture, TDT has an eclectic blend of teas and an all vegetarian cuisine. If you don’t mind splurging, TDT has an excellent High Tea menu!

Quick Tip: The Lychee Black Tea and the Time Traveller’s Blend are not to be missed!

Bohemian Brew

A quaint bistro and tea room in Khar, Bohemian Brew has a varied selection of teas ranging from Oolong, Black, Green, White to Infusion and Flowering teas. With great offbeat tea choices like Darjeeling Silver Needle, hand rolled Assam White Tea to the deliciously sweet and invigorating Ginseng & Fujian Oolong teas and refreshing infusions like Chamomile and Herbal Hibiscus, Bohemian Brew does not disappoint!

Quick Tip: From their blacks, Nilgiri Winter Frost and the Oriental Sencha from the greens.

Tea Trails

Amongst the first tea chains in the country, Tea Trails has resonated with tea loyalists. With around 8 outlets in the city, Tea Trails offers a wide variety of teas and tea nibbles. With bizarre tea options like ‘Popcorn Tea’ also known as Japanese Genmaicha and Gunpowder Green Tea, Tea Trails is a must visit for all those who love experimenting with their tea. They also have something for all those refraining from caffeine called Tisanes which are caffeine free and full of antioxidants.

Quick Tip: The spiced Oolong tea and Buttered Apple Tea are standouts in the menu along with their Speciality tea section. Also, try the Tea Trails Bubble Tea Sundae which has signature Matcha tea powder sprinkled on ice cream topped with tea infused bobas and tapioca pearls. Chai for dessert, anyone?


What are you waiting for? Go grab a soothing cup of chai NOW!


Written by Naynika Bagrecha.