We Checked Out Burma Burma’s New Menu

By Mumbai Foodie October 7, 2016
Tohu Mash with Paratha is fragrant, flavourful, and a faovurite. Image: Sarvesh Talreja

It’s been 3 years since Burma Burma opened at Fort, cementing itself as a popular restaurant for the city and the neighbourhood. Their approach to Burmese food has had our tongue’s swooning with consistency. Old favourites include their signature Tea Leaf Salad, eagerly eaten under their colourful umbrellas by families and professionals from the vicinity.

We began our meal with at Burma Burma with Bubble Tea, a part of their new menu. The tapioca-based bubbles came to our table in 3 flavours – chocolate, coconut, and an original. While the coconut one was extremely subtle, the original has a bolder flavour. The chocolate is a safe, yet interesting bet, with the comforting flavour punctuated by the subtle taste and delightful texture of the tapioca bubbles.

Tea Leaf Salad is Burma Burma's signature dish.

Tea Leaf Salad is Burma Burma’s signature dish.

Our Tea Leaf Salad had crunchy texture and was mixed by us under their watchful eyes, as they told us about the special paste that goes into it. About 80% of the tea leaves from Burma go into making the laphet base for this delicious, wholesome salad, topped with fried garlic and nuts. Our next was a bold Pickled Ginger Salad – its pickled baby ginger flavour is prominent, barely held back by the milder lettuce, tomatoes, and assorted nuts for crunch.

Coming back to their new menu, we got the Wok Tossed Potato, prepared with sparse green chillies and turmeric sauce. This dish has a unique flour, which makes its bite more interesting than a standard fried potato starter. Order this spicier and combine it with Bubble Tea for a meal of contrasting textures.

Wok Tossed Potato has a uniquely crunchy texture.

Wok Tossed Potato has a uniquely crunchy texture.

Possibly our favourite dish from their new menu is Tohu Mash with Paratha. The chickpea-based tohu is cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices. It’s bright yellow gives way to an incredibly soft, gentle bite, contrasting very well with the flaky Paratha accompanying it. The Yangon street-style BBQ Vegetables was our last appetiser, its deep red sauce coming from marinade of chilli, tamarind, and lemongrass

The main course started with the lip smacking Shwedagon Khowsuey. This minimalistic take on the khowsuey has light, long noodles in a subtle tomato curry and thick coconut cream. We did slurp, especially on seeing the accompanying toppings tray of garlic and greens we always crave.

Next was a Grilled Sticky Rice, grilled in leaves and stuffed with your filling of choice. We got a wholesome, balanced, yet thoroughly caramelized brown onion and roasted chilly. This is a nice order for its lightness, packed with flavour, and you can even order different fillings in the same order, making each roll customizable. Other options include masala potato, burmese salsa, and even lima beans!

We ended the meal with a Coco Pina, which was centered around a chilled coconut custard. The caramelized pineapple and accompanying foam give different degrees of pineapple flavour with a completely different mouth feel coming from each. A safer order is the Smokey Avocado and Honey Caviar Ice Cream. The highly Instagram-able dish is subtle and balanced, even with its dramatic dry-ice presentation.

All in all, Burma Burma’s updated menu is of the same quality we know the restaurant to be successful from. We highly recommend ordering Tohu Mash with Paratha, Grilled Sticky Rice, and Bubble Tea to wash it all down.

Mumbai Foodie visited Burma Burma as guests of the restaurant.