Cecconi’s Makes Its Way From London To Juhu | All The Deets

By Mallika Dabke December 12, 2018
The chic bar at Cecconi's.

If you haven’t eaten at a Cecconi’s around the world, you’re in luck. The newly launched Soho House has opened up this authentic Italian restaurant that is beloved world over. Cecconi’s comes with a whole lot of history and trust, older than Soho House itself, this chain of Italian restaurants is a world-wide Soho House favourite is here to give Mumbai a taste of nonna’s cooking. The best part, you don’t have to be a Soho House member to dine here, it’s open to everyone.

Cecconi’s doesn’t have an elaborate menu, which is actually a plus for me, because it shows that the restaurant knows what it’s doing. The sharp menu features Italian classics and scores some points by striking the perfect balance between using authentic Italian and local produce. It’s a beautiful space with an indoor and outdoor area that overlooks the sea. The charming atmosphere was really put together by the sea breeze, the dim lighting, the smell of the sea salt in the air and the hungry anticipation of the food that was about to grace our table.

Cecconi's Spirtz at Cecconi's Mumbai

Don’t miss the cocktails at Cecconi’s.

To start off, we had a round of cocktails which included an interesting Caper Berry Martini. The olive in it lent an interesting and new flavour profile to a martini. We also tried their classic martinis that were more on the sweet, fruity and floral side in case you’re not feeling too adventurous. I also recommend the Italian Smash, a cocktail made of Jim Beam, Martini Bianco, lemon and mint sherbet. This was strong and had a very sultry feel to it. A really good option to have with dessert!

We began with a Calamari Fritti with an aioli. I squeezed some lemon over the fried calamari, dipped a ring in the aioli and relished the burst of flavours and textures. I enjoyed this simple dish a lot and was impressed because it’s one dish that you can really mess up easily.

Next, was an unbelievable ball of burrata with cherry tomatoes and basil. I say unbelievable, because I don’t think I’ve eaten fresher, lighter burrata anywhere else in Mumbai. The tomatoes and basil were incredibly fresh and were a welcome distraction from the burrata’s divine, creamy texture. I could go on about this burrata, but I’d rather you try it yourself.

Buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil at Cecconi's Mumbai

The pizza at Cecconi’s is light and absolutely delightful.

Next up was the Parma Ham Pizza which featured simple, elevated flavours and to my luck, more burrata! This was so delicious and light, I wouldn’t feel guilty if I ate the whole thing. Despite the burrata, I thought the parma ham was the best part of this pizza. We were informed that the flour used for the pizza dough was imported from Italy, which was why the base was so light and flavourful on its own.

I had seen a picture of a Lobster Spaghetti online prior to my meal which looked so spectacular, I had already made a mental note to order that. The dish did justice to how beautiful it looked in the pictures. The lobster was cooked with spaghetti in a tomato, basil and chilli sauce which only lent to the classic flavours. The tomatoes were fresh, the pasta al dente and the lobster perfectly cooked, no complaints here!

My companion and I also shared a red snapper fillet with olives, tomatoes and lemon. This was a little heavy because the snapper was a bit fatty, but it was a classic combination of flavours. I was impressed with the portion sizes of all of our dishes, so don’t feel bad about ordering a few to share!

Spaghetti lobster, tomato, chilli, basil at Cecconi's Mumbai

Spaghetti lobster, Tomato, Chilli, Basil.

I may or may not have had an out-of-body experience when I had my first bite of our dessert. I don’t think I’ve eaten better Tiramisu in my life. It was creamy, light, sweet, bitter and perfect.

I already can’t wait to go back to Cecconi’s to try out more of their menu, and re-order some of my favourites from that night – the pizza, spaghetti, tiramisu and the cocktails. It’s a great setting for date night, and when you’re in the mood for indulgent Italian food. Cecconi’s is currently open for dinner on weekdays and lunch on the weekends, and make sure you book yourself a table before going.