Inside Chantilly Cafe, Pali Hill | All The Deets

By Sanya Parekh August 23, 2018
Drooling Chocolate Chip Cookies. Image Source: @dreambells_studios

Hidden on the bustling Pali Hill, I found the cutest little hideout: Chantilly Cafe; quaint and cozy, is not only perfect for a date (shout out to all the single ladies!) but is also quiet enough to get some work done. It is especially suited to those of us that need at least one dessert a day – whether it’s cookies, brownies or something in between, Chantilly Cafe’s menu has it all. With such variety, I expected a few hits and a few misses. But, every bite tasted more satisfying than the last!

Cheese Garlic+ Harissa Waffle

Cheese Garlic+ Harissa Waffle

Chantilly, pronounced shan-til-ee, is a dessert topping of vanilla-flavored whipped cream. Let me tell you, our desserts were topped with all things sweet, whipped and vanilla. Upon entering, I noticed that the first floor was dimly lit, bathing the cafe in a romantic and intimate glow. Fairy lights twinkled playfully above a shelf of books and cute containers. At the counter, I was greeted by an unassuming mug labeled ‘Polyjuice Potion’ – and little did I realize that the magic had just begun!

To start with, we called for a classic with a chocolate-hazelnut twist: cheesecake with just the perfect amount of Nutella on top. Chantilly uses authentic Philadelphia cream cheese, which ensures that the freshness of the cake outshines the richness of Nutella. The combination of the two provides a strong oomph factor, a dreamlike marriage of different flavours. The crust at the bottom was crumblier than expected, but that worked well with the unique texture of the cheese.

Next, we broke into a delicious chocolate chip cookie, which not only had a gooey center but was also studded with white and milk chocolate chips. It added a caramelized marshmallow taste and offered two different textures: one that was soft and melt-in-your-mouth, and the other that had a toasted bite to it. I gobbled it right away before my friend could steal a bite!

Going to Chantilly and not trying their infamous waffles? Not a good idea. The third dish was a waffle, but not your average Belgian waffle. It was a Liege waffle topped with caramel, cinnamon sugar and cream cheese frosting that complemented the natural flavour of this exotic waffle. Upon inquiring about where the name came from, I found out that this waffle originating from Liege, Belgium is made by fermentation of the yeast waffle dough which takes up to 48 hours, and its buttery sweetness is all thanks to pearl sugar, something I will definitely come back for.

To cut through all that sweetness, we ordered a savoury waffle with garlic cheese and harissa sauce. The waffle was a delicious Belgian waffle; soft, light and fluffy while the spicy tang of the harissa and creamy decadence of the garlic cheese went perfectly together.

Last but not the least, we tried their hot chocolate. It came steaming hot, with a dollop of whipped cream, that added the right richness to a cup of good cocoa. And lastly, we jumped right into the vanilla ice cream that sat atop a warm double chocolate cookie sundae which was gooey, chocolatey and supremely divine.

We truly enjoyed our visit and will look forward to coming back here with a bigger appetite and more friends to try their diverse menu. If you find yourself in the neighborhood I would highly recommend you make this your pit stop for a gourmet dessert experience.