Eat Italian Gelatos in Indian Summers at Coppetto Artisan Gelato | All The Deets

By Mallika Dabke June 18, 2018


It’s the first properly rainy day in Mumbai as I’m sitting to write about a very un-monsoon-like thing: gelato. But, as we all know, there’s only really one season in this city all year round: summer. Even with the gloomy weather outside, I still think an ice cream is my favourite pick-me-up. So, I’m not going to say go to Coppetto to beat the heat, instead, go to Coppetto for a taste of heaven.


Copetto Raspberry and lemon sorbet

Raspberry and Lemon Sorbet in a waffle cone.

Coppetto is a small gelato parlour located on Waterfield Road in Bandra. They have some 10 flavours of gelatos and sorbets on display, and you also get the option to have them in the form of a milkshake or a slushy.Chef Nikhil Jain learnt how to churn the luscious flavours here at a gelataria in Bologna, Italy. Jain believes that making gelato is a combination of technique and art and has brought it to India after noticing a gap in the market for good quality gelato. In comparison to other ice creams, gelato is churned really slowly, which makes it less airy and super dense in flavour. The serving temperature for gelato is also higher than other kinds of ice creams, which really brings out the flavour in each spoonful. To put a cherry on top of all these gelato-niceties, it’s low in fat content, which makes the texture silky smooth.

The most standout parts about Coppetto, were not only the variety of flavours but the depth in flavour that each bite showcased. Most of the ingredients for Coppetto’s gelato are imported from abroad, while seasonal fruits are sourced from local and trusted vendors.

Copetto Gelato

Before you head to Coppetto, here’s a warning: you will end up ordering way more than you planned. From the sorbets, we tried a scoop each of the raspberry and mango flavours. Both the sorbets look so rich in the trays, their colours are bound to grab your attention as you enter. From the gelatos, we ended up with a scoop each of the Sicilian pistachio, dark chocolate, coffee and stracciatella (milk flavoured). Though Coppetto doesn’t win points for creativity, as these are all flavours you can easily find at other vendors, the velvet texture was unlike anything I had ever had in Mumbai.  

Chef Nikhil assured us that most of his flavours taste equally as good as the ones he had tried in Florence so what better way to recreate an Italian summer than to indulge in Coppetto’s creamy goodness?