Inside Cafe Condi | All The Deets

By Mallika Dabke August 21, 2018
Crepes at Cafe Condi.

Nothing excites me more than discovering hidden gems. Nestled in the lanes of Hill Road, Bandra, is a small space called Cafe Condi dishing out beautiful crepes and big breakfasts. I happened to stumble onto the Instagram account of the restaurant, and it only took one glance to convince me that I needed to check this place out. The next morning, a friend and I ventured into the quiet Bandra lane to treat ourselves to a big breakfast before we took on the day.

Started by entrepreneur Ernest Condillac and chef Rishad Ginwala, this Bandra creperie is Ernest’s very first venture into the food space. Growing up in Egypt, with a homely creperie just down the road, Ernest decided to start dishing out crepes inspired by the fond memories of eating crepes as a child. When he met his partner and chef Rishad, his vision was fine-tuned and ultimately executed.

Cafe Condi is a small space that seats about eight people next to their open kitchen, and several more on a cozy mezzanine floor that overlooks the seats below. They have a small collection of books and comfy pillows spread around to give the space a snug feel. Our time at Cafe Condi was accompanied by George Ezra’s acoustic tunes, which had me tapping my feet and humming along.  

The menu at Cafe Condi is small, but divine. They serve sweet and savoury crepes, and a separate breakfast menu up till 3 pm.

Poached Pear, Blue Cheese, Honey and Walnuts Crepe - Cafe Condi

Poached Pear, Blue Cheese, Honey and Walnuts Crepe at Cafe Condi.

From the sweet crepes, we went for a crepe with poached pear and Danish blue cheese topped with walnuts and honey. This was the most complex dish we ordered in terms of flavour, and was very different compared to the other simple options, though they sounded equally tempting. Sliced poached pear and a mild blue cheese was enveloped in the thin crepe, doused in honey. Together, the light pear, the cheese and the crunchy walnuts went really well with the honey crepe. Each bite made for a power-packed mouthful. This order was a refreshing change from the Nutella crepes that I usually order, purely for the sake of binging. In contrast, this was light, but still held a vivid flavour.

Pesto Grilled Chicken Crepe - Cafe Condi

The Pesto Grilled Chicken Crepe.

I was straight up puzzled when it came to selecting a savoury crepe, because all the options sounded so delicious. We went with a Pesto Grilled Chicken Crepe which had me salivating from the moment my eyes met it’s blonde exterior. The buttery crepe was stuffed with perfectly cooked and seasoned chicken in a generously served pesto sauce, mixed with some diced cherry tomatoes. There was also a hint of cheese mixed in the pesto, which was subtle, and added a creamy element to each bite. This was quite heavy, too, so if I weren’t sharing it with someone, this would have been a complete meal.

Lastly, thinking we could take on an entire plate of breakfast, we ordered their Full American Breakfast, which was a plate full of scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes, potato wedges, along with a side of maple syrup, butter, and glass of fresh watermelon juice.

This entire portion was so delicious, I would have eaten the whole thing if it hadn’t been for the delicious crepes I had gorged on before this. The scrambled eggs were just between fluffy and creamy, and had some finely chopped green chili mixed in that added a spicy twist. I buttered my toast and loaded it with scrambled eggs before digging in. The fried bacon was very different from anything I’d had before. The already fried bacon strips had been deep fried after being dipped in a secret house batter. The result was an exciting mix of crunchy and oily, which took the cake for me. Now, I never want to go back to eating bacon the regular, fried way.

Cafe Condi is the newest place on my personal list of hidden gems. It’s where I’m going to take every friend, and highly recommend it to anybody who’s wondering where they should go for lunch.