Unconventional Desserts To Watch Out For | MF Guide

By Vansh Panjabi March 8, 2017
Illustration: Brandon Joseph

Nothing provides the same sense of satisfaction as dessert does. Leaving a restaurant after a fantastic meal without dessert is like watching The Lion King but leaving before Simba gets his revenge on Scar. Now, we’re occasionally tired of the chocolate this, red velvet that, basic cupcakes and even more basic ice creams.

Here’s our list of Mumbai’s most creative desserts; dishes that could be sweet, but are more evolved with a savoury twist, a unique flavour, and sometimes the joy of textures.


Zaffrani Malpua and Rabdi, Café Haqq Se


The malpua batter at Café Haqq Se is served as mercilessly well-textured Eggless Waffles. Topped with lime, chocolate and strawberry flavoured homely scoops of ice cream, you’ll barely find a dessert that underlines its cheekiness with a tangy effortlessness.

The Lime Ice Cream is the balancing act of the dish, with just the right amount of citrus. That a creamy Rabdi Mousse is served on the side only makes the range of texture in the copper bowl enviable. Our favourite part of this dessert is filling our spoons with whatever combination we like, as we search for our perfect bite of this fusion dessert.

Red Wine Chocolate Cake with Wine-Poached Pears, Vanilla Beans


Image: Abhimanyu Jadhav

Cake is definitely a favoured way to upgrade wine. The Red Wine Chocolate Cake from Vanilla Beans has a rich chocolate ganache as a layer, with wine-infused moistness and real cinnamon sticks. The wine-poached pears are an unusual sight, but a fantastic fruity texture with a richer, barely boozy flavour. Vanilla Beans is a delivery-only bakery serving cakes, cheesecakes, cronuts, pies, truffles, and more.

Orange Juice Cake, Theobroma

orange juice cake

Orange Juice Cake, Theobroma. Image: thegrubguide.wordpress.com

This one’s an alternative to all cakes too creamy and heavy – a simple, citrusy sponge cake made with real orange juice. Inspired by the Madeira cake, its texture is firm yet light. Our favourite part of the equation is the douse of freshly squeezed orange juice. This cake is one of our favourites for the refreshing summer feels and the nostalgia of childhood orange juice.

Black Sesame Ice Cream, Oh Dough


Black Sesame Ice Cream, Oh Dough

A single scoop of Black Sesame Ice Cream. Image: Sarvesh Talreja

Oh Dough’s artisanal ice creams are a blend of traditional technique and quality ingredients to produce some truly bold  flavours. Their Black Sesame Ice Cream contains tiny bits and pieces of black sesame seeds and is made fresh every day to provide a richer, creamier texture. We like a double scoop served with any of their freshly baked cookies to provide the soft dough-iness to contrast with the cold creaminess from this ice cream.

Bubblegum & Key Lime Pie Macarons, DANIEL PÂTISSIER

We’ve been partial to refreshing tastes, flavours, and a variety of textures through this piece. But here, we come across a classic French dessert with a bold flavour of Bubblegum and the flavour of an entirely different dessert. Both win our hearts for different reasons too!
The Bubblegum is a cheeky, childish flavour that disciplines itself well, showing a restraint in sweetness, while the Key Lime Pie is refreshing to eat as a macaron, playing all sorts of texture tricks in our head. They’ve got an assortment of 8 macarons, all of which are as consistently good as the quality of pizzas we dream of.

Lemon Tart, The Nutcracker
A citrusy, lemon infused curd slowly baked into a buttery, crumbling pastry. The Nutcracker’s Lemon Tart is one to watch out for, with its refreshing lightness and perfect balance between a zesty sourness of lime and the butter-filled, biscuit like pastry, which is baked to a perfect light brown.
Considered an unusually great dessert from our eyes due to the element of dairy to subtly infuse the lime, rather than overdosing the pastry with a citrus flavor, and simultaneously baking the biscuit-like pastry to maintain contrast between a liquid like icing texture as opposed to a firmer, crumbling pastry base. Every bite will transport you to dessert heaven.


Blue Cheese Honey, Bono Boutique Ice Cream
Have you ever had something feel wrong and right at the same time? For me, that’s the only way to describe this inventive ice cream. After taking 4-5 bites to confirm that this sharp cheesy flavour exists as an ice cream, you can begin to appreciate it. Everything about the experience improves with each bite.
You get used to the creamy texture, the icy temperature, and then you begin to drool over the fact that ice cream can also be sour and creamy at the same time.
It’s almost tempting to try this with crackers, but why spoil innovation by placing it on thin traditions? Every lick moves the scales to this being right and amusing from a sense of wonder at this being possible.

Which dessert would you like to put a twist on? Tell us in the comments below!