Dubai Food Festival 2018 Gets Bigger Than Ever

By Mumbai Foodie February 21, 2018
The beautiful vibe at Jumeirah Beach, Dubai!

Every year, Dubai hosts the most extravagant food festivals in the world. They take it upon themselves to  showcase the best of the UAE, through events, offers and other activities. We visited the city last year to experience their unbelievable food extravaganza at the Dubai Food Festival. The surreal experience was everything from fun and experimental, to downright overwhelming. We couldn’t recommend more, attending this 2 week long food celebration.

This year, they are back with yet another large spread of events and even more foods to try out. If a trip to Dubai has been on your mind, visiting between the 22nd of February to the 5th of March sounds like the perfect opportunity; a bigger reason to make that trip.

Here are some of the most interesting activities happening at this year’s Dubai Food Festival!


Etisalat Beach Canteen

The beautiful vibes at Jumeirah Beach, Dubai!

The beautiful vibes at Jumeirah Beach, Dubai!

Dubai Food Festival’s flagship event held at Jumeirah Beach behind Sunset Mall. The area is dedicated to the festival through its entirety, and will be hosting Dubai’s newest and most popular food joints by Bait Maryam, Poke Poke, Nablus, Kanafeh, and more. Expect masterclasses conducted by Chefs hailed from across Dubai.They are even organizing morning Yoga classes, followed by a decadent breakfast on the beach. This super zen morning will be followed by a bustling evening, what with music and comedy gigs roping in the uber chill vibes we predict. Just imagining what the grams would look like is making our eyes tear up. The Beach Canteen is the centre point of the whole 17 days long party, and here is where you can grab tickets and guides for all other DFF events taking place

Dubai Restaurant Week

15 of Dubai’s most high-end restaurants are participating in the Dubai Food Festival, and offering premium set 3 course meals for only AED 199, from the start of the festival, until 3rd March. Expect some spectacular food, coupled with spectacular views of Dubai, because these are the best of the best restaurants of Dubai that we’re talking about. Eat these set meals at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen, Lima Dubai, Scape Restaurant,Asado, or Asia Asia in Pier 7. Be sure to make advance table bookings, because it’s no surprise to see the speed at which all spots are filling up!


Hidden Gems

Our 'maska bunny chao' is a feast in itself! ?: @gluttonousmaximus

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With the intention of bringing the best of Dubai’s modest, local food, Dubai Food Festival to the limelight, post a public vote, Dubai’s 10 Best Hidden Gems have been narrowed down on, and you can visit them for one day only, to devour a two course meal at AED 25. Here is where the best of Emirati food and authentic delicacies from Old and New Dubai are going to be showcased as the pride of the city wide festival.


From the many events being conducted for the 17 days long festival, we’re very excited to hear about the Bollywood Food Bazaar, a Boutique Le Chocolat Masterclass, the Thai Street food Festival at Backyard, and even a Beat The Chef competition. Lastly, you can even participate in a raffle by earning a coupon if you spend above AED 50 at the Dubai Food Festival, to win big surprises. Dubai Food Festival has seriously managed to become a food lover’s paradise. It’s so much more than a food festival, too! Take it from our first hand experience.