How We Get 50% Off On Our Bills When We Go Out | MF Hacks

By Mumbai Foodie March 20, 2018
At Off The Grid, Andheri

As people who work very closely with food, we come across a lot of discounts and deals on a daily basis. Admittedly, our senses are well on the way to becoming numb to the countless discounts coming our way. Through the commotion, we selected one app that intrigued us, called Eatigo. It sounded familiar, and upon a quick google search, we learnt that it was a big hit in Thailand, Malaysia, and more South East Asian countries.

Essentially a table reservation app, Eatigo offers discounts on your food bill in accordance with the time you book your table. The trick is this: your discount depends on the time your table is booked. The way they play is by bringing customers to restaurants at non-peak hours, which have the highest discount rates.

Confused? We tried out the app to fully understand it, and this is how it went.

Tired of eating sev puri every day from the bhaiyya downstairs, a couple of us from office decided to go to Off the Grid, Andheri to beat our hunger pangs. We picked the restaurant for two reasons – it was close to our office, and Eatigo offered us a 50% discount on our bill.

Ravenous, we reserved our table for 6pm through the app. It being a weekday, and very early into the evening, we happened to be the only ones in this hip restaurant.

Khichiya Nachos at Off The Grid.

Khichiya Nachos at Off The Grid.

First, we ate Khichiya Nachos, which were also our favourite. It looked like yet another nacho mountain, but the nachos were actually traditional khichiya topped with fresh sour cream and salsa. Between the three of us, it was over in minutes, and the next order was on its way.

Now it was kebab time, we devoured the two plates of regular and trusted paneer and chicken tikka, along with a side mocktail.

The stuffed Grilled Chicken at Off The Grid.

The stuffed Grilled Chicken at Off The Grid.

By this time, we should have stopped, but before we realised it, our ‘evening snack’ had turned into a full-fledged meal when the grilled chicken came to the table. We couldn’t get through the entirety of the chicken breast that came along with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

The most exciting part of our meal was when the bill came to the table. As Eatigo had promised, our food bill had a 50% discount on it, which meant we only paid half the price of the food we ate. Had we booked the table an hour or two later, the discount rate would have been lesser – maybe 30% or 20%, which would have been great too! After all, it’s things like these that makes a millennial’s heart truly melt.

Eatigo has a list of over 500 popular favourite restaurants from Mumbai and Pune on the app that you can choose from. Even if going at odd hours may not be your scene, and you decide to go dine at regular peak hours, we still encourage you to check out the app for that added discount, whether big or small. Unlike other apps, Eatigo is free to download and doesn’t come with a subscription price. So, having it on your phone is always going to be a bonus, and you’ll end up using it a lot too! Why wouldn’t you, when someone is offering you a discount on your bill with no secrets, and no catches.