Eating Out In Thane | MF Guide

By Mallika Dabke October 26, 2017
Image: @theworldstillspinsblog

Hello, Thane!

Don’t worry, there are no upcoming jokes about Thane technically not being in Mumbai coming up. But here are our favourite picks, for when you happen to find yourself in the old friendly neighbourhood district.


This cafe in Vasant Vihar might just be playing the best burger game in Thane. The special something that they offer are their FTBs (Fuck-The-Buns). It’s all the goodness of a burger without the buns. So what you’re going to get is a bed of fries, topped with meat and sauces.

Pro Tip: The Chicken Juggernaut is their most popular FTB! It’s a plate full of bacon strips, fried eggs, chicken, onions, tomatoes and lettuce.

Mama Pondo Express

This oriental restaurant in Manpada is perfect for a family meal, and is armed with everybody’s classic favourites- Crab Cakes, Dumplings and Pan Fried Noodles are often recommended dishes. An added plus, is that you can have a good, filling meal for a very happy price.

Whatta Waffle

It’s the go-to waffle spot in Thane! Waffles have been super on trend for a while now, and Whatta Waffle is right on track with their chocolate waffles, ice-cream waffles, and the best selling savoury Pizza Waffles.


Mr Fried Chicken is Thane’s take on fried chicken goodness. Their chicken strips and spicy chicken burger are favourite orders. Some think it is a better alternative to the more famous fried chicken chain. Plus, everybody needs a go-to fast food spot that’s super easy on your pockets!

D’Crepes Cafe

Are you looking for your version of Pop Tate’s Choc Lit Shop like in Riverdale? Every teenager is looking out for that one cafe they go to for homework dates or after-exams chilling scenes. While not precisely a diner like Pop Tate’s, D’Crepes Cafe has got that exact vibe going on, whether you choose from savoury, sweet or everything in between.

Mamledar Misal

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A spot so iconic, we even debated if we should dedicate an entire article just to talk about the beauty that is the Misal Pav at Maledar’s. Mamledar’s Misal is everything iconic, true Bombay style. You can order your misal according to the degree of spice you can handle. Many claim this is the best misal pav they’ve ever tasted, making it something we can’t miss.

We have a whole district’s food to explore, you guys! A few kilometres ain’t gonna do no harm.