Erika Packard Takes Her Love For Burgers Very Seriously

By Mumbai Foodie August 2, 2018
Erika Packard's Always Craving Burgers!

Erika Packard is a part-time model and full-time queen of burgers! Her moods may flicker but her love for a loaf of bread, some meat and layers of cheese will never change. Ever.

You might wonder how she keeps up with her fitness regime with all that love for carbs to which we say check out her Instagram page! Let’s just say, she believes in eating her heart out and then exercising enough to look the way she does.

Being the burger fiend that she is, Erika is loyal to a few favourites. Always willing to learn from the best, Mumbai Foodie took this golden opportunity to showcase her love for burgers and capture the most delish day of her life!

Here’s how her mood decides her choice of burger:

Standard Issue from Bay City Grill

On days that she prefers to take it easy, when she’s lounging on her couch chilling with Netflix, she goes for the Standard Issue from Bay City Grill.

Tender chicken fried to perfection, covered in melted cheese and topped with ketchup makes this the quintessential #NetflixAndChill burger. Erika was obviously not afraid of the messy aftermath.

Grilled Chicken & BBQ sauce from Indigo Delicatessen

When she wants to go for a cute brunch date, Indigo Deli’s Grilled Chicken Burger with BBQ sauce is her go-to. Insanely big and messy, this burger is the ultimate litmus test for how much chaos her date can handle!

Served generously with tiny chunks of chicken in BBQ sauce, topped with a sunny-side-up, along with two types of salad and wedges or onion rings (bet you can’t say this in a breath), this is not for the faint of heart. Yet Erika pulled off a dainty bite from it. We were impressed.

Bacon + Brie + Cranberry from Salt Water Cafe

There is nothing better than a decadent meals after a night of partying and Erika’s hungover special is the Bacon + Brie + Cranberry Burger from Salt Water Cafe.

Pieces of bacon layered with brie and lots of cranberry jam, sandwiched in whole wheat bread and served with French fries, we now understand what makes this the perfect hangover cure. Erika refuses to take her shades off until she is done with this burger. Need we say more?

The Animal from One Street 

We’re pretty sure the song I’m Happy by Pharrell Williams is playing in Erika’s head when she opts for The Animal burger from One Street.

A personal favourite, and we’re not exaggerating when we say that, this sinfully cheesy beef burger is what dreams are made of. No salad or fries to munch on the side, just a basic burger that is simply divine. Erika couldn’t get enough of it even though she’d almost eaten three burgers before this one.

The Animal From One Street

The Animal From One Street

Vada Pav from Punjab Sweet House

The OG version of a burger in India is NOT the Mc.Aloo Tikki, no. It’s the one dish that speaks to our souls and makes for the classic chai-time munchie for most Mumbaikars – The Vada Pav. A bang for your buck too, making it Erika’s pick when she’s broke AF.

You can never go wrong with a vada pav – a tender pav, some green chutney and a freshly fried vada is all it takes. Erika might love her meaty burgers but a bite into this freshly made vada pav, and we caught her smiling ear to ear.

Vada Pav From Punjab Sweet House

Vada Pav From Punjab Sweet House

If you aren’t a burger person already, these picks might turn you into one.

Written By Fatema Lakdawala!