We Tried The Express Lunch At Le 15 Cafe, Colaba

By Mallika Dabke October 4, 2018
The beautiful burrata at Le 15 Cafe.

Ever since the opening of Le 15 Cafe in Colaba a few years ago, it has become a prominent name. Located in a quiet, green nook behind Regal Cinema, Le 15 Cafe transports you to a quaint, Parisian cafe. Le 15 Cafe is a lot more than a display of Chef Pooja Dhingra’s country-famous macarons and pastries. In collaboration with Chef Pablo Naranjo Agular, Le 15 has been serving an exciting European menu, one that’s not too long, but will still leave you confused with the choices.

They recently started serving an Express Lunch that gives you the choice of a beverage, a salad or soup and a main for INR 800. They have another express lunch option, which offers a waffle, sandwich or burger instead of the main at INR 600. The lunch is served between 12pm to 4pm. I thought that it was reasonably priced, especially considering the individual pricing of the dishes.

For my beverage, I went with Le 15’s signature Pink Latte. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, then you should go for a stronger coffee because this one is rather mild. The pink doesn’t alter the taste of the mild latte that it is but it’s the look that makes it so appealing.

For my next course, I chose a Pineapple Ginger Salad, which is a new addition to their menu. The pineapple gave the salad a freshness and acidity that cut through the ginger dressing. The salad greens, quinoa and beetroot brought different kinds of crunchy elements. The salad was light and refreshing which is what I’m always personally looking for in a salad. This was also because the salad lacked any major protein which could be a con for some of you.

Poached Egg Waffles - Le 15 cafe

Poached Egg Waffles – Le 15 cafe.

Next, I went with a Poached Eggs Waffle that was dressed in a pesto sauce and parmesan cream. I love a good, oozy poached egg so when my knife pierced the bulbous part of the egg and the yolk gushed out dramatically, I was thrilled. The egg was indeed, perfectly cooked, and with the pesto, parmesan and the waffle, each spoonful was balanced, and not too eggy which I’m always apprehensive about.

I also went for a main to be able to experience both versions of the express lunch. From their mains section, I picked the burrata. A burrata cheese ball was presented to me on a plate with a beetroot puree and topped with smoked almond powder, roasted seeds and fresh herbs. The creamy burrata went well with the sharp beetroot puree, and I especially enjoyed the crispiness from the fried, fine bits of garlic that were sprinkled on the plate.

The burrata was a rather small portion for a main, and the waffle in comparison was a lot more filling. I like the price point at which they serve you the three things from their entire menu which are just enough for a good meal. This is just a cheeky thought, but I wish there was a little dessert option in the menu, that would really seal the deal for my sweet tooth.

le 15 cafe - flat lay

Lunch at Le 15 Cafe.

Le 15 Cafe is just the place for a pleasant meal, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, tea-time, or dinner, and I find it’s rather Instagram-friendly. Colaba already has so many iconic spots, and it’s safe to say that Le 15 Cafe is now one, too. I’ll be going back for another round of lunch soon!