Your Favourite New Drinking Games

By Mallika Dabke August 31, 2016
Illustration: Brandon Joseph

We’ve all googled ‘fun drinking games’ during a party, only to be disappointed by page two of Google. On good days the instructions are complicated, and on bad days the games are boring. On worse days they require ping pong balls, cards, and other heavy machinery. Here’s our pick of the easiest ones that’ll keep you buzzed!


Most Likely To

This one is fun for a close-knit group of friends, none of who would mind taking a joke. The rules are simple and it gets you buzzing pretty quickly.

Everyone sits in a circle and one player asks a ‘most likely to’ question. Like “Who’s most likely to trip while dancing in a crowded nightclub?” or “Who’s most likely to get an arranged marriage?”

Everyone points to the person who is their answer to the question; then each player takes as many drinks as hands pointing at them.

most likely to


This one gets you sloshed enough to talk to yourself faster than you can say “Tequila!”

Players sit around a round table filled with a big tray of shots. All the players put their heads to face down on the table, looking up on the count of 3 to stare at any person from around. If you find yourself looking at someone who isn’t looking at you, you’re okay.

If you’re staring at someone who’s staring right back at you, you have to shout “Medusa!” and take a shot. Go on, rinse and repeat till all the shots on the table are over.

Cheers to the Governor

This game is perfect for those who don’t like rules after a few shots.

All the players sit in a circle (‘cos drinking games hate all other shapes) and start calling out numbers from 1 to 21 in a direction. Whoever lands with 21, gets to pick another rule for the next round.



The players can get as creative as they want. The new rule can be all girls drink at number 3, or everyone with even numbers takes a shot. With each new round, new rules get added (so there are multiple rules going on) and at whatever point it gets confusing, everyone’s drinking and having a hilarious time.

Edward 40 Hands


Tape a bottle of beer to each of your hands. Yup, that’s it. Now you can’t do anything unless you finish the beer, since you don’t really have functional hands. To win them back, you’ll have to chug down your pints. If you’re worried about the beer getting warm, drink faster!


This game is to house parties what Maggi is to junk hunger pangs. All you need is a deck of cards and a lot of alcohol.

All the cards from the pack are arranged face down. One by one, each player picks a card signifying a task, usually as simple as doing a shot. We’re massive fans of the game and think no house party is complete without at a round leading to the legendary King’s Cup.

Here is a link explaining the list of rules, which are as easy to remember as they’re fun in action!

Your house parties will never be boring again! Tell us your favourite in the comments below!