Flavoured Teas At HillCart Tales Tea Make For The Perfect Afternoon Cuppas

By Mumbai Foodie May 3, 2018
We love the variety at Hillcart Tales!

There are few things that start a conversation across the length and breadth of our country like a cup of tea. Despite the hundreds of languages and dialects that exist, our identity as Indians somehow connects across these superficial differences as we break bread over a cup of tea. As the Germans have their beer, and the Japanese their sake, us Indians revel in the glory of our cuppa chai.

While Buddhist Monks and locals have been known to use the medicinal properties of tea leaves since 750 BC, tea was truly made a commercial property with the entry of the British East India Company.

Keeping the centuries old legacy in mind, The Hillcart Tales reached out to us and sent us a selection of their specialty teas. Coming from a line of A. Tosh and Sons Tea Merchants, their company’s legacy traces back to more than 120 years. With so many years of being in the forefront of the tea business, The Hillcart Tales have evolved and developed a variety of teas.

We tried three boxes of their different tea varieties – Black Tea, Green Tea and Tisanes. Each of these types have been further developed and come in a number of interesting and unique flavours. Even the boxes they arrived in were so beautiful, that they set the tone for what we were to expect. The tea leaves come wrapped in beautiful origami-like paper flowers. The box sets also includes some beautiful coasters with cute quotes – exactly the encouragement we need early morning!

Hillcart Tales Tea Packaging

It’s their sheer variety that we were most intrigued by. The Black Tea comes in 7 different flavours – Mango Dolce, Spice Carnival, and Dark Limon among others.

The Green Tea come in really cool options too, like Indian Holy Basil, Oriental Green, Magical Mint, Honey Limon, and more.

The Tisanes, or herbal teas, come in the most exciting flavours, like Apple Strudel, Strawberry Lime, Tiramisu, Lemon Cake, Caramel Dream, Celestial Chamomile, and more.

Hillcart Tales Tea

Dessert Teas by Hillcart Tales Tea.

The company has more than a century worth of experience, which shows in their teas that have been fine-tuned to perfection over the years. Their quirky flavours bring out the best in what the cuppa has to offer.

Hillcart Tales teas are the kinds we would stock up on at home and take them out for special guests and loved ones. Their teas are special enough to take out one a day when you feel like treating yourself to some serious self-care. Since they provide such a vast number of options, they’re perfect for every day too, with a tea for every palate and every personality.

You can welcome home a box of The Hillcart Teas by clicking on this link to check out the full length of their varieties and options, and to place online orders: http://www.thehillcarttales.com/