Flea Bazaar Café – Taking The Food Court To A New Level | All The Deets

By Mallika Dabke April 13, 2018

I had vaguely heard of a concept about an upscale permanent food market of sorts. The idea was vague, and interpretations of it plenty. Enter, Flea Bazaar Cafe, and all doubts have magically cleared up.

Situated in Kamala Mills, Flea Bazaar Café is unlike anything you’ve ever experience. Designed to offer something for everyone, Flea Bazaar Café is also busy throughout the day making it a great choice for lunch, coffee, dinner and even drinks. Currently home to 12 food pop ups, a bar, a wine shop, a paan stall and Prop Shop 24’s first ever permanent set up, Flea Bazaar Café really does promise a world of entertainment and food under one roof. While the duration of the pop up stalls is uncertain (depending on their popularity), the brands on board at Flea Bazaar Cafe make it a space for others in the area to watch out for.

Flea Bazaar Cafe - Churros

Churros from El Chapo at Flea Bazaar Cafe.

We visited the hip space a few days before they opened and tried food from all the outlets. We started our culinary journey with an espresso shot at Roasted Today Coffee, and then moved onto El Chapo, where we had mouth melting Churros which came with a side of Orange Chocolate (Rs.180). Next, we sampled the iconic Tunday Kebabs from Lucknowee Tunday Kebabs (Rs.200) – succulent and flavourful to the max. For more local flavours, visit South Bombay’s crowning jewel Soam’s stall Chakhna, where they are serving their best-selling snacks. Here, we tried their celebrated Panki (Rs.170) along with some delectable sides.

Flea Bazaar Cafe - Whatsappam

The Superappam Eggs Kejriwal from Whatsappam.

Whatsappam is dishing out mouth-watering curries and stews with appams, Kerala parathas or dosas on the side. Bay Burgers is the place to go for messy, mouth-watering buns, which come with a delicious side of tapioca and beetroot chips topped with mustard sauce. There’s the amazing sushi burrito at Yugo Sushi, and everybody’s favourite Butter Chicken by Goila Butter ChickenSuper Pao has elevated the humble pao to somewhat of a superstar ingredient with their huge array of fillings and flavours. Hung Li is perfect for when those desi-Chinese cravings kick in while DelItalia has pizzas and pastas which make for a perfect meal for one. Last but not least, The Bohri Kitchen has a pop up here as well and we highly recommend digging into their famous thaal (you better be really hungry though!). The central space of the cafe is dedicated to a bar by Social where you can sip on the coolest cocktails with their famous LIITS available on tap.

Flea Bazaar Cafe - Yugo Sushi

Yugo Sushi.

Apart from offering cuisines from around the world, the pop ups here won’t burn a hole in your pocket, which is refreshing when you compare prices of other restaurants in the area.  

Flea Bazaar Cafe has a stage and an area dedicated for gigs and events in the future. While there are tables set up in front of the stage, when the venues needs to make space for dancing or performance, the tables have a simple mechanism that pull them up to the ceiling! An ingenious, space-saving solution.  

Flea Bazaar Café offers all the excitement and options of a flea market, without us having to worry about not making it in time. The venue is perfect for large groups and has taken the idea of the food court and created something that we have never seen in India ever before. We’ve already been back a few times since the opening and sadly (but kudos to the management) were not able to get a table! Here’s congratulating the team behind Flea Bazaar Cafe for their creative effort, we’re rooting for you.