Food Accounts You Should Follow on Instagram

By Nuriyah Johar March 24, 2017

Besides us, of course. Click on the pictures, they all lead to the account.




What do you get when you combine industrial design with cooking? The answer is cutting-edge food experiments leading to samosas with six corners for more crunch, taco bowls shaped like lotuses (because why not? ) and a muffin that houses all kinds of yolk porn.




Started by two best friends who live to eat, this Instagram food blog is more than just a quirky handle. Featuring only vegetarian dishes (that’s their USP), they have you covered for street food, fine-dine restaurants and everything in between!




This 20-year-old self-taught baker’s Instagram page is all kinds of #dessertgoals. His feed is loaded with vibrant colours and beautifully shot pictures of his carefully prepared masterpieces. Scrolling through Shivesh’s feed is known to lead to insatiable cravings for something bright and sweet.



Amisha behind the handle describes herself as a recipe developer, a food photographer, and most interestingly- a jam maker! Her feed features all her playful inventions (and an alarming amount of experimentations with jam) along with their recipes. She gains extra points for her festive, holiday-themed posts!




Molecular gastronomy, food engineering and minimalism are what characterise the account of Chef Sujan from the kitchens of Olive in New Delhi. Features quite possibly the fanciest food you’ll see coming from an Indian Instagram account.



Give these guys a follow if you’re a Jain who spends about 30 percent of waking hours worrying about what to eat in Mumbai. Thank us later.




This food writer and cook’s colourful Instagram posts will leave you drooling. Thankfully they’re accompanied with the recipes, so you can do more than just stare at the pictures and sigh.




Follow Natasha Diddee, a cook who lost her stomach to an unfortunate tumour. She, however, hasn’t given up her appetite. Her posts feature primarily mouth-watering Indian food accompanied with their recipes. Besides, who doesn’t love a good double entendre in a social media handle?




We love how food photographer and stylist, Madhuri Aggarwal makes food as simple as jiggery and oranges look completely delectable. Follow her to experience food photography at its finest!


You don’t have to be a health freak to appreciate Bangalore-based Nandita Iyer’s Instagram account. Her feed comprises of wholesome, nutritious (and yes, delicious looking) food interspersed with picks from her garden.



This Masterchef India finalist is multi-talented to a degree most of us can only aspire to. Karishma is an experimental and consulting chef, a fitness enthusiast, a stylist, a writer and an advertising professional. She manages this despite being just one person. Her Instagram feed is made up of incredibly healthy vegetarian inventions – think avocado burgers and kale chip chaat. Follow her if your subconscious needs conditioning to eat more greens!




“Whoever said cooks are not artists” reads Pankaj Bhingarde’s Instagram bio. If someone said that before, they certainly wouldn’t after going through his Instagram account. With delicacies like banoffee pies and chocolate profiteroles and his subtle use of colour in garnishing, his creations at The Clearning House in Fort are nothing less than artistic.


Executive chef at The Bombay Canteen, Thomas Zacharias’ Instagram account features a variety of his interesting fusion dishes punctuated with pictures of fresh local produce, giving followers an inexplicably comforting sense of eating fresh, local produce.




Start following Bombay Bhukkad for posts on every kind of appetising Indian food from around the country. Some of the food featured on this feed is homemade, and makes us wish we were from at least 17 different cultures. Stick around for the witty captions that accompany them.




If you like yellow and you like plates and you like food and you like the idea of one guy going places carrying a yellow plate around to eat from and if you’re a perfectionist who likes a comforting and consistent Instagram aesthetic, hit follow.




Richa Gupta’s Instagram feed is peppered with dishes from more countries than we can count. That these are all mostly home-cooked meals is particularly amazing. Follow her to see comfort food like grilled cheese sandwiches or Indian or Asian or Italian or whatevershefeelslikemaking.



Amrita Kaur is a food stylist who teaches cooking and ‘believes in veggies’. After a recent brush with ayurveda, her Instagram account comprises equal parts food and minimalist quotes. Follow her to see a colourful checkerboard aesthetic, a variety of wholesome dishes and her boundlessly positive vibe.