Mumbai’s Favourite-st French Fries! | Dishticle

By Disha Hanspal October 10, 2016
D'you like your fries spicy? Image:

Dishticle is our new weekly series about the best places serving a certain dish in the city.

Every time we visit any of these places, we immediately order fries for the table. Whether simple and authentic or loaded with fiery spices and toppings, this is a quick look at the most consistently amazing fries in Mumbai.


Cafe Zoe Fries

Crispy French Fries at Cafe Zoe. Image: Zomato

Café Zoe, Lower Parel
Zoe has their fries cut and crisped to perfection before a delicate hand at seasoning them. They deserve to be called Awesome French Fries, which is what they’re named on the menu. We’re willing to bet you may want to lick the accompanying bowl of dipping mayonnaise.
Cost: 180 rupees for a study in authentic simplicity.


French Fries with dips at Doolally. Image:

Doolally, Andheri, Bandra, & Kemps Corner
House Fries
at this popular brewery’s outlets come in a generous basket along with 5 dips. Even though the flavours of mayo, salsa, and aoili change with the season, they remain consistently interesting. Apart from their weekly pub quiz, our favourite game here is deciding in which dip we’re dunking out next thick, crispy slice.
Cost: 250 rupees for a portion, 175 for a refill of this goodness with beer.


Crispy Sesame Honey Chilli Fries at Social. Image: Zomato

Social, (we’re not going to list 7 locations here)
Apart from their House fries, you’ll find experimental twists like the Crispy Sesame Honey Chilli Fries, and a small selection of Poutine, the Canadian way of having fries drenched in cheese and gravy! Do try their BBQ Chicken Poutine, something we’re growing fond of.
Cost: 160-280 rupees, depending on what you order.


French Fries with a twist at Kaboom. Image: Zomato

Kaboom, Lower Parel
This fuss-free quick service restaurant serves a different cuisine each day, which is how they twist their fries too. Apart from Classic Salted Fries, you can expect Hell’s Kitchen Fries, Hunan Fries, and our favourite- the Thyme and Rosemary Fries. Don’t forget to check out their particularly good Hot Sauce and Ketchup!
Cost:  100 rupees for the Classic Salted Fries, 120 rupees for the daily twists!

The J

Cheesy Fries at The J. Image: Zomato

The J, Carter Road & Churchgate
Here’s where we have a hard time picking between tempting versions of fries like their Pizza Fries (mozzarella, pizza sauce and jalapeño cheese) or Popcorn Fries (chicken popcorn and two of your favourite sauces). Apart from Jain-friendly fries, you can also switch the fries for potato wedges or sweet potatoes!
Cost: These fries range from 100 rupees to 160

Where are your favourite fries from? Tell us in the comments below!