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By Yamini Walia July 6, 2018
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It seems like gin is the newest cool kid on the block, replacing craft beer and flavoured vodka. Luckily for me, this suits me really well because gin is one of my favourite spirits. It’s light, refreshing and perfect for a moody day while the rain pours outside. It’s also very well-suited to cocktail making so you can transform it as per your mood.

From Tanqueray to Blue Riband, there’s a gin drink for everyone and anyone. Trust us, you’ll be spoilt for choices. Here are a few of our recommendations:


Priced at: INR 2,720

If you’re a gin lover but haven’t heard of Tanqueray, then are you really a gin drinker? This London dry gin is crisp and has a rich juniper berry flavour that lends it a fruity, spicy palate with big zesty, citrus top notes.

Tanqueray. Image Source

Tanqueray. Image Source


Priced at: INR 2,680

Beefeater goes back centuries. This has been your grandfather’s favourite drink and now, it’s what our generation swears by. With both spicy and fruity aromas, Beefeater has a dry palate that rounds off with a citrus punch.

Beefeater. Image Source

Beefeater. Image Source

The Bombay Sapphire

Priced at: INR 3,100

What makes Bombay Sapphire attractive? The beautiful sapphire-coloured bottle with Queen Victoria’s photograph on the label. And, of course the name ‘Bombay’ that signifies the popularity of gin during the British Raj. Made from 10 handpicked exclusively botanical ingredients, Bombay Sapphire has a light-spirited, floral flavour.


Priced at: INR 2,875

Apart from Juniper, do you know that Gordon’s Gin is made with a secret ingredient? Moreover, that ingredient is known only to 12 people in the whole world! To top it off, it’s distilled thrice to obtain its original flavour. Exotic, isn’t it?

The Botanist

Priced at: INR 3,000

22! Yes, 22 hand-foraged botanicals are combined with the classic nine to create The Botanist. These herbal ingredients include nine berries, barks, seeds and peels. With a highly distinctive, complex and floral flavour, this gin is the perfect representation of Scotland.

Blue Riband

Priced at: INR 540

We won’t be lying when we say that Blue Riband is the most popular gin in India. Wonder why? The affordable price and the flavours of light juniper, citrus lemon and spice. If you haven’t been introduced to gin yet, start with this one!

Blue Riband. Image Source

Blue Riband. Image Source

Star of Bombay

Priced at: INR 4000 – 5000

This one comes from the Bombay Sapphire family. So, it’s truly a star! In addition to their signature 12 botanicals, this gin comes with two new distinctive flavours – Ambrette seeds, solely sourced from Ecuador and gently dried bergamot orange peel hand-picked in Calabria.

Star Of Bombay. Image Source

Star Of Bombay. Image Source

Monkey 47

Priced at: INR 5000

What makes Monkey 47 unique? Nah. It’s not the name. It’s the unique ingredient in it – cranberries! The 47 in the name is a representation of the 47 botanicals used in the regular recipe. A special treat from Germany, we say!


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Greater Than

Priced at: INR 750 – 1,350

India’s first craft gin, Greater Than is the brainchild of Anand Virmani and Vaibhav Singh. The gin has a clean juniper and fresh lemon peel on the nose; and a zing of ginger on the finish. If you fancy a refreshing drink of gin n tonic, you should try this out.

Gin Mare

Priced at: INR 9000

Packaged in an elegant bottle, Gin Mare is a Spanish gin that’s inspired by Mediterranean flavours such as arbequina olive, rosemary, thyme, basil and mandarin. It has an herbal and aromatic palate and that makes it different from the rest.

Jodhpur Gin

Priced at: INR 2000 – 3000

The name says it all! Now, this is a gin that’s made in England but inspired by India. The gin has a very smooth flavour with a slight touch of citric resins. The gin leaves a long aftertaste and comes with a sharp aroma. If you’re a fan of the popular blue city then you’re going to be a fan of this drink as well.

Jodhpur Gin

Jodhpur Gin

Drumshanbo Gunpowder

Priced at: INR 2500-3500

With slowly dried Gunpowder Tea as the signature botanical, Drumshanbo Gunpowder gin combines the flavours of lime, lemon and grapefruit. And, knowing how much we love the flavour of Gunpowder in our country, you’re surely going to be addicted to this one.

Bulldog Gin

Priced at: INR 3500-4500

Now, that’s how an award-winning gin looks like. As far as the palate is concerned, it’s slightly spicy because of the flavours of cinnamon, cardamom and citrus. Although the juniper is noticeably present, it includes other botanicals like lotus leaves, lavender, liquorice, poppy and dragon eye.

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Bathtub Gin

Priced at: INR 6000-7000

Want to go back in time? With its packaging, Bathtub Gin makes an attempt to take you back to the Victorian Era. In terms of flavours, it has a bold palate because of the presence of orange peel and cinnamon.

Mix it up

Since we already established that it’s raining outside, chances are you’ll be staying in for quite a few days. Enhance your in-house experience (no pun intended :P) by trying out these simple gin cocktails at home.


Channel James Bond with a classic gin martini.

What do you need?

60ml of a good quality gin of your choice

20ml of dry vermouth

Lemon peel for garnish

Add the gin and vermouth into a cocktail shaker that is filled with ice. Stir and simply strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish it with lemon peel.

Martini. Image Source

Martini. Image Source


When it comes to making gin cocktails at home, a gimlet is the easiest pick.

What do you need?

60ml of gin

30ml lime juice

1 tsp sugar

Lime slices

Add gin, lime juice and sugar into a shaker full of ice. Shake for 15 seconds and strain into an ice-filled glass. Finish it off with lime slices.

Gimlet. Image Source

Gimlet. Image Source


Do you love mojito? Then, you’re going to love this gin version of the same even more!

What do you need?

50ml gin

20ml lime

15ml sugar syrup

6-8 mint leaves

Take a cocktail shaker and add ice cubes, gin, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup and mint leaves to it. Shake it for 15 seconds and strain it into a chilled glass. Garnish it with mint leaf.

Southside. Image Source

Southside. Image Source

Read and create:

If you want to make more gin drinks at home, we have an interesting recommendation for you – Gin Made Me Do it by Jassy Davis and illustrated by Ruby Taylor.

From choosing the perfect blend, mixing the ultimate martini, to making delicious cocktails for every occasion, Gin aficionado and cocktail maven Jassy Davis will answer all your questions in this book. There are over 60 recipes in the book and all of them are fresh, flavourful and fun. Pick it up!

We are sure by now you’re obsessed with gin as much as we are. After all, gin is the flavour of the month, year and for many more seasons to come.