A glimpse into Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Karjat | MF Staycation

By Krishna Bahirwani December 27, 2017
Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Karjat. Image - Rudreksh Pawar

Like most of us, I enjoy my time away from the city. There is something special about getting away from all the hustle and bustle to enjoy some downtime filled with relaxation, nature and great food, of course! While I’d love to go to Goa or Himachal Pradesh to enjoy the beaches or the mountains, it isn’t always practical. With often only a day or two to spare, I began my search for a great weekend getaway close to the city.

At only two and a half hours away, Karjat seemed like a destination worth exploring, so I packed my bags and drove down for the weekend. For my first time in Karjat, my goal was to find a place I could return to for future trips exploring the region. Using safety, comfort and good food as search criteria, I decided on Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Karjat. The property is big, with 102 rooms, a large and well-designed outdoor pool and an all-day restaurant. The place had all I needed to be comfortable while exploring this new locale.

Superior Room

Once at the resort, I was able to pick between five kinds of rooms, ranging from the most basic Superior Room to their top of the line Premium Suite. Since I didn’t plan on spending much time inside the room, I decided to go for their basic offering. For what it was, I was content with the space. It had all the necessities along with a balcony with a great view of the pool.

The Superior Room is priced at Rs 13,000 plus taxes. Image - Rudreksh Pawar.

The Superior Room is priced at Rs 13,000 plus taxes. Image – Rudreksh Pawar.

Food at Palms

After my drive from Mumbai to Karjat, I was famished and found myself looking for some comfort food. Italian and Indian are my go-to cuisines and the all-day restaurant, Palms, had them both. I felt like Indian at this time would be somewhat heavy and could lead to me spending my afternoon in bed, so I decided to go with Italian. I sampled their Pepperoni and Verdure handcrafted pizzas while also placing an order for a custom-made pasta with spaghetti as a base, and olive and mushroom for toppings.

Magga Bagga Pizza. Image by Rudreksh Pawar

Pepperoni and Verdure pizzas. Image by Rudreksh Pawar

After an unbelievable amount of time in the pool and some reading, I was back in the restaurant for dinner. Satisfied with how the Italian food had turned out,  I decided to try their Indian food for dinner. I ordered the Saufiyani Paneer and Bhati Ki Murg as appetisers. The charcoal-broiled cottage cheese was both soft and flavourful while the oven-roasted chicken was spicy. The combination of the two dishes worked perfectly for me, and I was now ready for the main course.

By now you’re probably well aware of my tendency to enjoy comfort food, especially when it is made well. Keeping that in mind, it should come as no surprise that when I saw the Murg Makkhan Methiwala, basically their version of a Butter Chicken on the menu, I instantly ordered it. The chicken was soft and tender, and the gravy was flavourful, pairing perfectly with the hot buttered Naan. I was happy; I knew I could eat here whenever I decided to come to Karjat and enjoy my meal.

Express Massage at Remedi Spa

Before departing for Mumbai, I decided to get an express massage at the spa. Keeping in mind that the later I leave, the higher were my chances of getting stuck in traffic, this seemed like the way to go. I was looking to release the tension from my back, neck and shoulders that had built up thanks to all those hours I spend working on a desk. Keeping the focus on these three areas, my masseur was able to untangle several knots, and in the quick timeframe of thirty minutes, I felt a noticeable difference. Relaxed and rejuvenated after the treatment, I made my way to Mumbai knowing that I had found a place for a quick and comfortable getaway from the city.