Mastering The Only Sandwich That Matters – Grilled Cheese

By Mallika Dabke April 12, 2018

As today is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, a day to honour the humblest and most satisfying of all sandwiches, we wanted to pay a little tribute. A good grilled cheese sandwich in comparable only to the most precious and beautiful experiences you can have in your life. Falling in love for the first time, jumping into a pool on a hot, summer day or realizing that the pair of shoes you’ve been dreaming about have finally gone on sale. The perfect grilled cheese sandwich is hard to achieve and even harder to forget.

There are two secrets behind making the grilled cheese sandwich of your dreams – One, you need to be blessed by the holy Grilled Cheesus; Two, you guessed it – the cheese. Selecting the right cheese for the sandwich is like choosing a crown for Miss. Universe. It’s the star of the show, the only point of existence. We decided to crack down on the science behind the perfect cheese for a gooey and dreamy grilled cheese sandwich once and for all, so that we never have to be subjected to eating just average grilled cheese sandwiches ever again.


Cheese 1

Hey, Gorgeous.

Super convenient and easily available, mozzarella is a great choice for your sandy. This cheese melts easily, has a light, creamy texture and mixes well with other flavours. Having originated in Italy (like all the best food in the world), authentic mozzarella is made from the milk of water buffaloes in Italy and Bulgaria. It has a good bite to it and resists when you pull it apart offering the perfect, cheesy mouthful. Choose mozzarella to pair with tomatoes, mushrooms and balsamic vinegar for an Italian sensory explosion.


Cheese 4

Babe, can I buy you a drink?

Gruyere is a popular Swiss cheese, and one of the creamiest and most luscious to melt. Richly flavored, it is the perfect combination of salty and sweet and pairs famously with ham and red wine- two of our favourite things! Gruyere cheese is a classic and is perfect for a good old ham and cheese sandwich.


Cheese 2

Hello, Beautiful.

An all-American classic, cheddar cheese offers the creaminess of mozzarella with the tang of a gruyere while still retaining a sense of deep, yellow magic. Cheddar cheese is quite easy to procure in India and pairs really well with peanut butter, jams, beer and dark breads. If you’re keen to experiment with different fillings for your grilled cheese, we recommend using cheddar as your base.


Cheese 5

How you doin’?

Manchego is not generally used in grilled cheese sandwiches because it takes a little bit longer than other cheeses to melt down. However, once you get it to the perfect consistency, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done this earlier. A Spanish, white cheese, use manchego with smoked salmon, Serrano ham, tuna and even roast chicken for a fiesta in your mouth.


Cheese 3

This is what food porn looks like.

Gouda is a versatile, medium-bodied cheese that is well known around the world for its light, sweet flavor. Gouda’s chewy texture makes this an ideal partner for soft, creamy fillings like jams, mustards, jellies and other cheeses. We suggest using gouda with one or two other cheeses to add a bit of bite and flavour.


When you’re done picking out your cheese, find a bread that is moist and dense (challah and brioche work exceptionally well for grilled sandwiches) and butter it up on both sides. Then, place a copious amount of one or more cheeses and top with whatever else you like. We love using a protein like Spanish ham, a cranberry chutney and touch of English mustard. Grilled up your sandwich on a hot pan and watch your dreams come true, right in front of your eyes!

grilled cheesus

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