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By Sama Ankolkar September 13, 2018
Interiors At Hammer & Song

“What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says “Hammer and Song?” questioned the enthusiastic young Ayush Arora, head mixologist at Cuffe Parade’s latest bar and bistro. “Erm, not sure, a bar with some music?” was my hesitant reply, unsure of the correct answer. “Well, that’s more or less what this place is about, where you can come, get hammered and enjoy yourself with music and great food!” Ayush explained with gusto. Thankfully, my answer wasn’t too off the mark.

Hammer & Song is located just a few steps away from the owners’ successfully run Flamboyante, at the World Trade Centre in Cuffe Parade. The gastro bar is done up beautifully. Large and spacious, the interiors are decorated with plush furniture that alternate between sofas and classic wicker vintage chairs. A community table for those who enjoy social gatherings as well as smaller glass tables for intimate occasions are spread across the floor. These are facing the dimly lit open bar which makes the ambience friendly yet stylish. Large wooden tables line the walls which hide glass panes behind beige blinds that allow sunlight to stream in during the day, allowing natural light to brighten up the place prettily. I was quite enamoured by the ambience of the place.

The menu here is versatile and extensive. The bar menu consists of a number of taps since they have partnered with Gateway Taproom and Independence Brewing Company. The food menu may seem confusing as first, however, it is compartmentalized into categories that make it easy for you to pick from. From Bar Bites to From the Clay Oven, the dishes are segmented as per the cooking technique.

My companion and I arrived at sunset, hence we were lucky enough to witness the transformation of the restaurant from day to night. I started with a Citrus Club, recommended by Ayush. The gin, with the in house limoncello and bitters made a good start to my evening with a good balance between the sweet and sour tones of my drink. My companion seemed really happy with his Single Malt Sour.

We started off with the Hammered Chilli Cheese Rounds and the Hot Pop Chicks. These fall under the Bar Bites category and aptly so. In the first dish, the soft bread wheels layered with gooey cheese reminded me of an upgraded version of a chilli cheese toast. The chicken popcorn was a good pick as well. Mildly spiced small chunks of deep fried chicken were the perfect companions to our refreshing cocktails. Next came the Watermelon Feta Caprese. Beautiful watermelon discs topped with rocket and feta made its way to my plate. The crunch of dehydrated melon seeds along with the acidity of the balsamic vinegar on the sweet watermelon made the salad well balanced in terms of both texture and flavour.

Watermelon Feta Caprese

Watermelon Feta Caprese

From the Flat Breads section, we ordered the Feta & Roasted Beetroot. The combination of the beetroot and feta did not work for me as I found the sweetness of the beetroot overpowered the dish. However, the galouti kebabs made up for this disappointment. The Lamb Galouti had a dreamy melt in your mouth kind of texture. It sat on a crispy khasta roti with a drop of chutney. The Mushroom Galouti exceeded our expectations. Packed with flavour, this galouti was even better than the lamb (unbelievably so!). It was rich in flavour and the texture was just as good as the previously mentioned kebab, if not better.

From the grill, I tried the Spiced Yoghurt Kebabs. After the bar being set high post the mushroom galouti, these lacked the moistness I expected and I found the flavours to be slightly bland. We also had the Korean Chicken Skewers. I loved the succulent, juicy pieces of chicken. They were coated in a sweet and tangy sauce that complemented the slightly charred chicken.

From the Snacketisers, I could not choose whether I liked the Asparagus Cigars or the Baked Brie more. The crunch of the asparagus wrapped in a flaky and light pastry was delicious while the baked brie was gooey, buttery and warm, all goodness in one bite. Both these Snacketisers were winners for me.

Amongst the mains, both my companion and I decided that we liked the Buckwheat Protein Bowl best. A warm bowl of gluten free glass noodles with a light but flavourful broth is always great post a couple of drinks. The Tuscan Roast Chicken was well done. The smoky flavour of the sauce really elevated this dish. It sat on a bed of mashed potatoes and glazed carrots and all these different textures worked beautifully.

We ended this enjoyable dinner with the delectable Nutella Cheesecake. Being a big fan of good cheesecakes, I was quite impressed with this one. The cheesecake had the right amount of density to complement the heaviness of the Nutella. The cookie crumble garnish added just the perfect bite and thanks to Ayush’s insistence, I washed it down with another drink; an ingenious Espresso Martini from the bar.

Overall I loved my meal here, every component from the bar and service to the ambience and food worked well for me and I would gladly come back again, either for drinks with my girlfriends or even for a family lunch.