The Hidden Food of Bandra | MF Guide

By Mumbai Foodie April 27, 2017
Eat through the villages and the tiny lanes. Illustration: Vamika Sardana

The Queen of the burbs is probably the capital of the city’s food scene. Ask any resident, and they’ll tell you that too many places open and shut each month to actively keep track of. Yet, in this fast-moving locality of our lightning-paced city, some places have been around forever.

They’ve also managed to sneak past the popularity radar that every place from a fine dine to a hipster watering hole seek so badly.

Their charm, dear reader, lies in this very fact. That we’re too busy going to the hip, new places that will shut down in 5 years. In the mean time, these places will be around, hopefully for the decades to come. Here are our favourite underrated/undiscovered/non-buzzing/unique food spots in Bandra.

Being Hungry


The yellow rocking chair is probably the best thing about sitting at Being Hungry. Image: Zomato

An easy-to-miss and slightly shady place, you’ll find Being Hungry off Carter Road. A small seating section works as most regulars prefer food from here to be delivered. Slightly dated interiors include pictures and memorabilia from action movies, which can be intimidating. The food here is mostly Mughlai and North Indian, with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Their menu is wide and the servings are generous. We love the Chicken Dahi Lasuni Tikka, Sunera Mushroom Tikka, Baida Roti and the Ulta Biryani.
Quick tip: End your meal with seasonal desserts like the Fresh Sitaphal Cream.


The Cutchi Memon Table
Started by home cook Faiziya Soomar, this venture highlights the marvelous, meaty fare of the community, which is largely based in Bangalore. On offer are crispy, warm, and gently-spiced Mutton Samosas, a Grilled Raan with 24-hour marinated lamb, Paya, and a traditional dessert called Khubani Ka Meetha containing apricot, custard, and dry fruit with a texture that’s practically silky.
Quick tip: No delivery, so pick up your order after calling them at 98203 98922.


Cafe Andora
A one-page menu at Café Andora lists over fifty dishes – most priced under Rs 100. So if you’re hungry, broke, and in the mood to try multiple items, go here instead of Candies. They serve a variety of Chinese dishes, and mini-bites like croissants and puffs. The rolls are favoured by most patrons, along with the Chicken Burger for just Rs 60. Walnut and Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Doughnuts and Muffins, they’ve got it all!
Quick tip: Ask for extra Schezwan Sauce.


Hungry Duck at Pali
It’s quite easy to miss this terrific joint in a small lane off the gridlock of traffic at Pali Naka. Hungry Duck at Pali specializes in Goan food – and they do it really well. While the place is rather small and the interiors are modest and almost clinical, the food makes up for everything. The menu has limited options for vegetarians, but the burgers are generous, meaty, and worthy of a visit. Head over to Janata for some drinks after a hearty meal here.
Quick tip: Their menu includes a Full Roasted Duck and Stuffed Roast Chicken on order.


Good Luck Cafe

Name a more iconic duo. We'll wait. Image: Zomato

Name a more iconic duo. We’ll wait. Image: Zomato

Located near Mehboob Studio, Good Luck Café is a typical Irani joint. This café can be your go-to for a quick, filling breakfast. They serve amazing Keema Pav with Omelette, Bun Maska and tea. The place is high on taste and light on your pocket.
Quick tip: Their special dishes include Haleem Beef. 


Ayaz’s The Kebab Place
This is a small kebab joint located near Hawaiian Shack/Bombay Salad Co. Another takeaway place, Ayaz is open past midnight and has reasonably priced, delicious meaty rolls. The Chicken Kalimiri Roll and Mutton Seekh Roll are must-haves. Although the rolls are smaller and thinner than what you’re used to, they’re complete value for money for the quality of meat, the superb seasonings, and the general satisfaction from flavour.
Quick tip: Be prepared to salivate as you stand and watch your rolls being prepared in slo-mo.


Khane Khaas
Probably one of the most underrated places in the area, Khane Khas is a paradise if you like your meat to be flavoured Indian. From Biryanis to Gravies, every dish tastes nearly heavenly. The outdoor space is extremely ordinary and they don’t have interiors to boast of, but all is forgotten after some Butter Chicken with Roomali Roti.
Quick tip: Chicken anything should work out really, really well.



Grab and go from Cheron at Hill Road. Image: Zomato

Grab and go from Cheron at Hill Road. Image: Zomato

A small bakery at Hill Road, it’s a place you can visit after a long day of shopping. It’s more of a grab and go place as there’s no seating area. Puffs, muffins, everything is under Rs 100. Pick up a croissant or a roll along with some traditional Mutton Dhansak and leave with a happy stomach and a pocket that’s barely gotten lighter.
Quick tip: Remember, no seating.


Soul Fry
Soul Fry has been around for a couple of decades, offering amazing seafood. The place has a very Goan vibe that’s almost contagious. They have both indoor and outdoor seating sections. Their fish thali has everything you need in terms of both quality and quantity. Their Solkadi is served in a clay cup and is absolutely delish. Whether you want to spend some time with your family or friends, or even a nice meal alone, Soul Fry has the perfect ambiance for it.
Quick tip: Drinks here are pretty cheap and go very well with the food.


Yorrick’s CookHouse
Yorrick’s is indisputably the best burger-joint to order from in Bandra. Their kitchen is located near Candies, and they’re a delivery-only place. They also have pizzas, pastas and other sides. We recommend trying the Buffalo Bill Burger and the Cookhouse Chicken Burger.
Quick tip: They have only one burger option for vegetarians.


Cool Story
The small beverage and dessert outlet is near Between Breads and has a small list of baos and bunny chow as well, with BBQ Bao being a local favourite. They introduced the concept of Frattes and Frocktails (Frozen Latte and Cocktails) that you should try if you haven’t, already. They also have freshly made Gelatos, Teas, and Shakes, and free WiFi, Board Games and books!
Quick tip: They customize drinks as per your choice!


Practically any restaurant or cafe that serves good ol’ Chapati has our vote. It’s a sign of the menu being homely, simple, and spicy, just the way the city likes its food. Often found to be the haunt of choice for the waiters of the bustling Linking Road stretch, Apsara has a simple, basic menu. From it, we’re most fond of the Mutton section, especially the Mutton Masala and Kheema versions.
Quick tip: Expect little from the ambience.


National Bakery
Even locals may look confused when you ask for this place, located about 3 lanes away from the Waroda Road branch of Imbiss. Go here for a selection of breads, Parsi and Continental bakes. Apart from being easy on the pocket, they’ve got an interesting variety at prices that are almost shocking for 21st century Mumbai.
Quick tip:
Be prepared to inhale carbs that are worth it.


A shack smaller than your average bathroom cubicle, you’ll find Homegrown on your right when you’re entering St. John Baptist Road (the one with Taj Mahal Tea House). Visit on a Saturday morning around 10 AM to hear a cool range of music as they serve some of the edgier meats and offal, even for Bandra.
Quick tip: A breakfast with two meaty items will cost less than Rs 150.


Ashmick’s Snack Shack

It's hard to tell when the food at Ashmick's Snack Shack will run out. Image: Zomato

It’s hard to tell when the food at Ashmick’s Snack Shack will run out. Image: Zomato

Although primarily known to deliver sleep-inducing, heavy, and delicious Parsi fare to the neighbourhood, you’ll also find rolls, sandwiches, and burgers on the menu here. Order for lunch at your own risk, and don’t expect to order for dinner at all. All the good stuff is sold out by then.
Quick tip: #TeamSalliBoti4Lyf apart from the Parsi specials available on Tuesday, Friday, & Saturday.


National Restaurant
Near Bandra station, this place serves food more homely than your own. The menu lists Punjabi and North Indian comfort food dishes like Rajma, Chana Masala and Pakoda Curry as well as Chicken Curry, Liver Masala, and Palak. Low on oil and cooked with simplicity, this place has another ace up its sleeve: they offer a Mix Veg, which can be customized by mixing any two veg dishes from the menu. The rates are displayed in full plates, ideal for a table of two.
Quick tip: Rajma, Palak, and Chicken Liver Masala are always on point. Remember to carry hand sanitiser though.


Cairo Grill

Cairo Grill is undoubtedly the best Shawarma in Bandra. Image: Zomato

Cairo Grill is undoubtedly the best Shawarma in Bandra. Image: Zomato

Far too much is spoken about places like Carter Blue and Carter’s Express and their pointless copyright and originality battles. If your loyalties lie with shawarma and hummus, head here. The menu also lists custom fries, including a BAAP Fries with as much meat as one can handle in the summer heat.
Quick tip: Chicken or Lamb Shawarma and the Cheesy Fries are what we usually order.


Quiemada @ The Bagel Shop
Pretty much all we learned from history in school is that there’s some seriously superb food in Bandra from the time the Portugese were in town. The East Indian menu here focuses on bottle masala and other indigenous spices that lend the meat-heavy menu a distinct, light-handed flavour.
Quick tip: 
Beef Pan Rolls and Mutton Khuddi with Pav. End the meal with Blueberry Cheesecake.

How many of these places have you tried?