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By Mumbai Foodie July 26, 2017
Hummus is light, creamy, and bursting with flavour. Image:

Some of the simplest foods often become wholesome and comforting classics. Dosa, for example, is just a fermented batter, but it’s also an immensely versatile base and a dish that many associate the food of India with. Hummus, similarly, is an iconic dish of the Middle East. Prepared by simply blending cooked or mashed chickpeas with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic, this dish is served at restaurants, cafes and bars all over the world.

Probably one of our favourite appetisers, one can just easily make a meal out of hummus at certain restaurants. Here are some restaurants that manage to make the paste light, creamy, and flavourful:

Café Basilico, Hill Road & Colaba

The casual and versatile style of both outlets reflects in the ambience as much as the menu. Apart from serving a Iceberg & Hummus Sandwich, Hummus is available here with Grill Pita or a spicier bil Filil version. You can also get a hummus fix by ordering Falafel Shawarma or the classic Shawarma here.
Quick tip: Other worthwhile appetizer orders here are Onion Rings and Bruschetta.

Quesso Ristorante, Oshiwara, Andheri West


Quesso serves a simple hummus with thin bread. Image: Zomato

Quesso serves a simple hummus with thin bread. Image: Zomato

The all-day vegetarian restaurant has an extensive menu that lists Italian, Mexican, and even Thai dishes. The Mediterranean selection at this warm outlet includes eclectic dishes like a Spanakopita, but also features a classic Hummus with Pita Triangles prepared to remarkably consistent standards.
Quick tip: Get the Spanakopita, it’s a rather underrated dish.

Opa! Bar & Café – The Peninsula Grand Hotel, Saki Naka


The hummus at Opa! is basic and thoroughly well-executed.

The hummus at Opa! is basic and thoroughly executed. Image: Zomato

An evening spot that opens at 4 PM, Opa is best known as a grand party spot with interiors that look like the restaurant is a film set for a glamourous Arabic TV show. Although best known for its drinks and vibe, the food here is terribly underrated. We’d recommend the Traditional Hummus, which is executed perfectly for a snack to line your stomach with.
Quick tip: The bar menu at Opa spoils you for choice.

Spesso Gourmet Kitchen, Nariman Point

Another all vegetarian restaurant, this one is one of the most indulgent and extensive menus is South Bombay. Spesso manages to cater to office crowds in the afternoon just as easily as family diners in the evening. Hummus with Grilled Pita Bread here is a treat for its gentle tahini flavour that peeks out a little more than the others in the bowl.
Quick tip: They’ve also got rather massive freakshakes.

Summer House Café, Lower Parel

There's some colour and crunch to hummus at Summer House Cafe. Image: Zomato

There’s some colour and crunch to hummus at Summer House Cafe. Image: Zomato

The popular gig venue serves one of the creamiest hummus renditions across three dishes: Pita Hummus, Falafel Hummus, and Soya Rolls with Hummus and Pita.
Quick tip: This place dishes out a promising range of snacks, pastas, and pizza.

Food For Thought, Fort

Practically everything this charming movie-themed café in a bookstore makes is generous in proportion, ridiculously homely, and consistently tasty. Their mini-meal part of the menu lists a Middle Eastern platter with zatar pita, vegetables, hummus, and harissa. Can you think of a more wholesome snack at 4 PM?
Quick tip: We hear it’s one of the best hot chocolates in the city.


Piccadilly, Colaba
Hands down one of the oldest places to serve the humble hummus in the city, Piccadilly has a charm of its own. The Irani-style restaurant is less stuck in time than it was before a recent renovation. It does, however, serve the same deliciously light hummus that it nearly always has.
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Cafe Moshe’s, Lower Parel, Kemps Corner, & Juhu


Cafe Moshe's make hummus in six promising ways. Image:

Cafe Moshe’s make hummus in six promising ways. Image:


One could say this chain has reduced considerably in size and popularity from its peak, but it still maintains its standards. The Hummus Bowl is a section on their menu that serves the popular recipe 6 ways: Breakfastish, Mushroomish, Moorish, Lebanesish, Makaish, and Istanbulish. We can tell you what all of them are like, but wouldn’t it be more fun if you went and tried each one yourself?
Quick tip: Get the Baked Philadelphia Cheesecake to wrap up your meal.

Bohemian Brew, Khar

Marketed as a tea spot that serves sheesha, most people wouldn’t imagine finding a menu offering sophisticated soups like Gazpacho, tricky ingredients like Calamari, and a meaty Hummus Bin Lamhe. The traditional hummus topped with lamb is one of the finest ways to eat these subtle, complementary flavours and textures.
Quick tip: Complete the Middle East experience by getting yourself some sheesha as well.

Ithaka, Lower Parel

There are 7 kinds of vegetarian hummus served at this rather popular midtown hotspot. You can pick from regular Hummus, or dress it up with tomato, onion, and parsley to make it a Beiruty. The Hummus Turki is topped with spicy olives, while the Hummus Harissa offers sundried tomato and harissa. We’re most likely to jump for Hummus Peri Peri though, as the African chilli powder is a treat that’s not as commonly available.
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