9 Tasty & Inexpensive Sparkling Wines To Buy Right Now

By Mohan V June 24, 2017
Prosecco is Italy’s answer to refreshing, well-made, sparkling wine. Image: cocktailpro.tumblr.com

Sula Seco, India


Blend: Unspecified

Price: Rs 550

Simple, easy-going and inexpensive, Sula Seco is a great option for those looking for the classic sparkling wine experience on a modest budget. “Seco” means that it’s a little sweeter than most sparkling wines you’re likely to find.

It may not be the best wine on the list, but it does the job admirably.

Tasting notes: Uncomplicated, with peach and citrus aromas. Medium to low on the acid, and a light sweetness that will make you want to go for a second glass.


Casablanca Vino Spumante, India


Blend: Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, and Symphony

Price: Rs 900 – Rs 1100

A relatively new entrant to the Indian wine market, Casablanca does a Prosecco-style sparkling wine, and it’s great for the price. It might be a little difficult to find at shops, but a lot of restaurants have started stocking it. Go by the glass if you don’t want to buy the whole bottle!

Tasting Notes: Deliciously fruity on the nose, with a dominant kiwi aroma. Youthful and refreshing, with a punch of acidity. Very light bodied, it makes for really easy drinking.


Zampa Soirée Brut, India


Blend: 100% Chenin Blanc

Price: Rs 1200

Grover Zampa Vineyards is creating some fantastic wines, and their sparkling wine, “Soiree”, is no exception. Moderately priced, and offering exceptional quality, this is definitely a wine you want to try.

Tasting Notes:  Prominent aromas include toasted brioche, fresh cut grass, and lemon zest. Crisp and bright to taste, with the right amount of acidity, and consistent, tiny bubbles. Pro tip: that’s one way to tell if you’re having good bubbly – lots of really small bubbles that don’t stop until the glass is empty.


Fratelli Gran Cuvee Brut, India


Blend: 100% Chenin Blanc

Price: Rs 900 – Rs 1200

Fratelli has a reputation for producing high quality wines with consistency, and this sparkling wine is no exception. According to the Sommelier India magazine, “Gran Cuvée” translates to “best white wine (or blend) of the house,” which means a lot, since Fratelli’s other whites are of stellar quality as well.

Tasting Notes: Living up to their reputation, this bottle gives a powerful, premium vibe. The aromas are correspondingly rich, with more focus on oak than fruitiness with definite hints of pear, passion fruit, and honeydew.  On the palate, is a burst of acidity, which quickly fades, but leaves you craving another sip. Fratelli shines with quality once again, with consistently miniscule bubbles that taste delicious.


York Sparkling Cuvee Brut, India


Blend: 100% Chenin Blanc

Price: Rs 900 – Rs 1200

One of the most underrated sparkling wines currently on the market, from one of the most underrated producers. This wine has a lot to say – and it’s worth giving it a try.

Tasting notes: It boasts a rich fruitiness, even more so than the prosecco-style, with aromas like raw mango and pineapple among other tropical fruits. Perfectly balanced and off dry, you will have a lot of fun drinking this wine.


Chandon Brut / Brut Rosé, India


Price: Rs 1200 (Brut), Rs 1400 (Brut Rosé)

Blend: Brut – Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
Brut Rosé–Shiraz, Pinot Noir

The name Chandon has been synonymous with bubbly wine for decades. They came to India just recently, entering the market with a bang. Their Brut uses 2/3rds of the traditional Champagne blend (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir), while bringing out the best in India’s favourite white grape (Chenin Blanc).

The Brut Rosé goes another step, and balances out the aggressive Shiraz with the beautifully mellow Pinot Noir. You won’t find another wine like it anywhere around.

French wines are often restrained and shy, and take some time to show their full character. This wine seems to take its French connection with Chandon and Champagne seriously, because it does the same thing. The wine will continue to improve by the time you reach the last glass – and that’s always a good sign.

Tasting Notes:

Brut – Smoke, hay,  and mellow citrus on the nose at first, but opens up to ripe fruit and buttery toastiness with time. Powerful acidity, and quite dry, but finishes with a beautiful, sweet aftertaste.

Brut Rosé – Much fresher than the Brut, but equally restrained. With time, aromas like cherries, red roses, and plum start to come out, but mixed with the toastiness of oak aging. Subtle on the palate, with medium acid. The light tannins from the Pinot Noir elevate it to another level.



Sula Brut, India


Blend: Chenin Blanc, Viognier, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Sultana

Price: Rs 900 – Rs 1100

Sula Brut is very different from its Seco counterpart. By the look of the bottle itself, you would think it’s a more serious, down-to-business kind of wine. And you’d be right. It’s one of the few Champagne-style wines that uses a five-grape blend, and the result is a very complex, diverse, and sometimes confusing tasting experience.

Tasting Notes: On one hand, it screams of warm, tropical aromas like pineapple and ripe mango, while on the other, it has crisper, stone-fruit aromas like peach, lychee, and apricot. The oak aging is evident, with the signature woodfire and toasty aromas. With a refreshing and persistent acidity, and decent quality of bubbles, it’s a very smooth wine to drink.


Piccini Prosecco Extra Dry, Italy


Blend: 100% Glera

Price: Rs 2200 – Rs 2400

This is the real deal of Prosecco. It’s the perfect wine to go with any occasion, and any kind of food. While it’s best served as anti-pasti (the food just before the pasta), it’s versatile enough to be had with other courses, or even by itself.

And let’s be honest, who really needs an excuse to open a bottle of Prosecco?

Tasting Notes: Openly floral and fruity on the nose, with aromas of tulips, apples, peaches, and citrus. Acidic without being tart, and well balanced overall, this wine isn’t just bubbly in the literal sense – it’s really youthful and full of life, and is practically bursting with its own personality.


Mateus Sparkling Brut Rosé, Portugal


Blend: Baga and Shiraz

Price: Rs 2400

Ah, Mateus. Portugal isn’t the first name you think of when you say “wine country”, but the quality of their wines will surprise you. Arguably the best sparkling wine on this list, Mateus is a well-known producer of Rosé, and they have upheld their reputation with this wine.

If you are not a wine drinker, try this wine. It will probably convert you. It’s actually dirt cheap in Europe (€4, which is less than 300 INR), and living proof that a cheap wine is not necessarily a bad one.

Tasting Notes: Mateus is known for its extraordinarily balanced wines. Having seen some oak aging, this wine has a distinctly pleasant toasty aroma, which complements the aroma of fresh strawberries, cherries, and raspberries.

Just the right amount of acidity, and a delightfully creamy finish. Pairs best with salmon, either smoked or grilled, but does admirably well with a number of foods, including as an aperitif, with a salad, or by itself.

Which of these wines d’you want to serve at your next house party?