Inside AB Celestial, Mumbai’s own Floatel

By Krishna Bahirwani December 19, 2017

Picture this, a breathtaking view of the Bandra Worli Sea Link combined with a fantastic cocktail in your hand and lovely music to compliment the occasion. The scene I describe is one you can find yourself in when aboard AB Celestial, Mumbai’s first and only floatel.

Named after its 21-year-old owner and director Aishwarya Bhende, AB Celestial is a hotel on water with five rooms, a party space and a restaurant.

Many of us missed out on experiencing AB Celestial when it first anchored itself before shutting down for the monsoons. I happened to be one of those people. So when I heard that it was open again, I took the first available opportunity to visit.

The Atmosphere

From the moment I set foot on the floatel, I felt a lot closer to the ocean. The design, aesthetics, server uniforms and cutlery played their part in enhancing that maritime experience. On the whole, it felt like a teaser to what it would be like to be at sea.

After being seated on the main deck of the floatel, I couldn’t help but appreciate the calm and relaxing feeling of being a little distant from the rest of the city. Taking in the view with sangria in hand, I was ready for the feast ahead of me.

Main Deck

The Food

Having heard good things about the food, I didn’t want to miss out on any of it. My plan of action was to start with the favourites, then ask the owner for her recommendation and finally, do a little bit of experimentation for myself. The Waffle Dosa, Hummus Platter, Chilli and Mushroom Tapas and Amritsari Chicken Tenders are house specialities, and are where I began my sampling. Aishwarya recommended that I try the Asparagus and Cream Cheese Rolls, and the Lemon Butter Garlic Prawn Skewers, so I ordered them as well.


The Waffle Dosa

It was apparent that considerable effort had gone into the plating and presentation of the food. The service was prompt and the food tasty, before I knew it my plate was empty again.

For the main course, I decided to experminent a little and ordered a Penne Paprika and a Chicken Tikka Masala which was served with pav. I tend to order these dishes a lot and so I felt like they would give me a good understanding of what the food is like across the board. Both dishes were prepared well and made me feel like I could easily recommend the place to people looking for good food to be a big part of their overall dining experience.

AB Celestial requires prior reservation to visit. Call them on 9819330023 to reserve your table.