Inside August Cafe | All The Deets

By Mallika Dabke July 11, 2018
At August Cafe.

Growing up watching shows like Gilmore Girls, Friends and One Tree Hill always had me dreaming about a cozy café that I would meet my friends at every day. A place where everyone knows your name and the coffee is always freshly brewed. Somewhere to call your own, where on a very special day, you’ll treat yourself to an indulgent dessert, somewhere that feels like home. However, living in a big city means that we have the luxury of being spoilt for choice. This also means that I rarely end up going to the same café or restaurant more than once a month let alone every day, I also haven’t managed to find something that I connect with the way Rachel, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, Monica and Chandler connected with Central Perk.  

Interiors August Cafe

The cosy and warm vibes inside August Cafe are a winner.

The story doesn’t end there! I have good news for anyone who lives in Andheri and is feeling my pain, I think I’ve found just the spot. A comfortable café cum restaurant that offers home style vibes, a friendly demeanor and all the coffee and cake you can imagine. Located in Lokhandwala, August Café was started by a brother and sister who wanted to create something they had dreamt about for years. The minimal design has been inspired by their travels while the menu includes all the food they love and hold dear.


My friend and I visited them for lunch and chose a table in their quaint, outdoor section. Being a warm day, we dove right into their cold beverage menu. We both chose a thirst-quenching Shirley Temple and began to peruse the menu. To start with, my companion ordered a plain omelette with a side of multigrain toast, herb butter, vegetables, potato rosti and a stuffed grilled tomato. Meanwhile, I indulged in a Salad Of Capri – a simple salad made of arugula leaves, tomatoes and mozzarella, dressed with sweet basil and olive oil. Both, the salad and the breakfast platter were simple but tasty, however we weren’t immediately excited at the prospect of eating more.

Our next order was when the fun really began. We had heard good things about their nachos, but they were already sold out- a testament to their popularity. Their Herb Butter Gnocchi transported us to an Italian bistro where we could almost smell the fresh herbs. We were excited to try the Dabeli Panini however it did not live up to our expectations. What we received was a simple sandwich with sev sticks and not much else. Fear not, all was rectified once the Grilled Chicken Burger arrived, juicy, succulent and oh so delicious.

The star of the day had to be the pizza. I often think that considering the amount of pizza I’ve eaten in my life, I will never try something that will make me stop in my tracks. Pizza is pizza right? Well, at August Café where they bake their own bread fresh every day, I was stopped and how. The Truffle Pizza was topped with a decadent white sauce, exotic mushrooms, rosemary caramelized onions and a generous amount of truffle oil.  This dish was indulgent, tasty and expertly made. I wouldn’t mind coming here and eating this on a daily basis! We followed this up with the Pink Tagliatelle which was cooked al dente and served in a rich, creamy sauce.

Ice cream sundae - August Cafe

It’s never not a time for ice cream in Mumbai!

We were pleasantly surprised to find that the desserts certainly took the cake. The Caramel Panna Cotta reminded me of being in third grade and sucking on an Alpenliebe candy, it was sweet and rich, exactly what we expected from it. Being the greedy things we are, we went ahead with the waiter’s recommendation and ordered the August Ice Cream Sundae, and boy, were we glad we did! Their homemade ice cream was served on top of a warm cookie, drizzled with caramel sauce and covered in a sprinkling of nut brittle. Considering how much we had already eaten, the fact that we finished every last spoonful shows how good it was (or how gluttonous we are!).

While not everything was as sinfully good as the sundae, the vibe at August Café is what we will keep coming back for. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to finding a cozy, neighbourhood café and we think you will agree! Within a few months, the café will be hosting private cooking and baking workshops in their basement so definitely check these out.  

Lucky for all of us at Mumbai Foodie, the café is situated close to our office, which means a lot more coffee dates and dessert treats.