Inside The Bagel Shop, Bandra I New Menu

By Krishna Bahirwani October 26, 2017

In a little lane off Carter Road is one of Mumbai’s oldest bagel places. The Bagel Shop has existed in this discreet location for twelve long years now, all while building up a strong following amongst bagel fans and coffee drinkers.

The place serves home-style sandwiches, bagels and burgers with careful attention paid to quality ingredients. Anil Kably, the man behind the establishment, ensures that his customers have a wholesome, healthy and nourishing experience whenever they visit.

After hearing good things for years, on the occasion of the launch of their updated menu, we decided to visit and check the place out for ourselves. Walking in on a Wednesday afternoon, we saw quite a significant turn out with the air-conditioned sections packed with people while the open-air area was filling up quickly.

We met Anil before we placed our order and asked him for the favourites, he recommended we try the pork Chorizo omelette and Caterina’s Revenge burger. So we decided to start with the pork Chorizo omelette and a hazelnut frappe. The omelette was superb with the Chorizo being one of the best I have had so far. The frappe was well made and was just what I wanted.


Pork Chorizo omelette

To switch up the flavour before we tried the burger, we tried the Avocado and Shrimp salad. The salad played the part beautifully and was light and clean. The taste was subtle with a focus on the freshness and texture of the shrimp and avocados.

We then went on to try a few bagels. We started with the Kenedy Bagel, a home-style bagel with a strong emphasis on the meat, its texture and preparation. It comes with caramelised onions, kale and mayo accompanying the pork. Following which, we had The Classic Club Bagel that comes with bacon, roast chicken, fried egg and lettuce. The chicken was tender and juicy and went well with the crispy bacon.

Now convinced that we liked how they did their meat, we decided to try a vegetarian bagel. We instantly settled on the Aztec Avocado. A combination of all our favourite things vegetarian, the bagel comes with avocados, cream cheese, spring onion and micro greens. Healthy and scrumptious, this bagel is a solid choice for anyone looking for a vegetarian option.

It was now time to try the burger, and after the Chorizo omelette, we could not have been more excited. The burger managed to live up to all the hype and was even better than our expectations! Like the omelette, the Chorizo for this burger comes to you all the way from Anton of Goa. Named after Anton’s wife Caterina who helps run his kitchen, this burger is a must for any self-respecting meat lover. In addition to the Chorizo patty, you also get Smoked Chorizo Salsa, Bacon, Cheese and Lettuce.


Caterina’s Revenge

While we did not try The Anton, we have no trouble recommending this bagel to you. As I’m sure you might have guessed, this one gets its name from Anton of Goa and packs some of that delicious Chorizo we have been going on about, along with some cream cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.

After our experience, we do not doubt as to why this place is still going strong after so many years. The Bagel Shop gives you an experience which is a lot like home with noticeable importance given to the quality and preparation of the food. The sandwiches and bagels are simple and do not try to douse with flavour, much like many great things in life, their charm is in the simplicity.

All the images were taken by Vinayak Grover.