Inside Butterfly High, BKC | All The Deets

By Mallika Dabke July 4, 2018
Butterfly High, BKC.

We’re halfway through the year, and here we are witnessing yet another bar squeezing its way into BKC that is already on the verge of a spillage. I’m not sure what to describe BKC best as anymore – corporate work area or party destination? The lines are blurry, but I actually don’t mind.

I visited Butterfly High just a couple of days after it opened with friends from work, and it was already packed and busy by 8pm. While we watched one of the World Cup matches on a big screen, a number of elements demanded my attention: the loud music, the eclectic interiors full of bright neon elements, the football match, the food, the busyness from the bar, it was a whole lot to take in.


Pulled Jackfruit Nachos butterfly high

The Pulled Jackfruit Nachos.

The food menu was a mix of cuisines which I feel could have been more thoughtfully curated and organized better. The starters were a fun mix, and all the ones that we had, made for perfect accompaniments to the cocktails. The Pulled Jackfruit Nachos practically disappeared once they made a round of the table. I was afraid of the sweetness from the jackfruit being strong, but the sweetness was practically non-existent. Instead, the jackfruit made for a meaty texture that was perfectly in sync with the crunch from the nacho chips. The Lotus Stem Chips In A Plum Sauce also carried the same element of fun, as chips usually do. I personally thought it was the perfect snack to have on the table when everyone had a cocktail in hand.


The Pot of Gold Cocktail Butterfly High

The Pot Of Gold.

Both the cocktails I had were meant for Instagram. The first, called The Pot Of Gold, came in a spherical glass, filled with vodka, elderflower syrup, fresh cucumber, and mint leaves, while an entire pint of beer stood upside down inside the glass. This beer cocktail was my personal favourite from the night, and it ticked all the right boxes for my palate in terms of its strong and pleasant flavour that can still go down your throat effortlessly.


butterfly high cocktail

The Butterfly High Cocktail.

The second cocktail I had, was called the Butterfly High, and consisted of activated charcoal tequila, lime, vanilla, pineapple juice and had a dash of an in-house secret spice. The drink looked beautiful – it was as black as the night, and a blue orchid sat atop the edge of the glass. While the sight of it was breath taking, it tasted like cough syrup trying to be fancy.

Just out of curiosity, we had their Activated Charcoal Desi Naan, which was a black naan topped with sundried tomatoes and feta cheese, sprinkled with spices. Again, the contrast of the white cheese and red tomatoes against the black naan looked stunning, but in my mouth, it was chewy, dry and full of regret.


butter chicken butterfly high

Butter Chicken with buttery Mini Kulchas.

It took me a while to figure out what to order from the mains. The menu ranges from pav bhaji to Thai curry and trying to navigate it left us all befuddled. I eventually ate a simple plate of Butter Chicken with Mini Kulchas. The portion was just enough for a meal for one, and unlike the rest of the food we had eaten so far, this one lacked any personality. Still, you can’t go too wrong with a humble butter chicken, so I wouldn’t call this one a fail.


marios discovery butterfly high

Mario’s Discovery.

They forgot our order for Neer Dosa and Gassi, so we moved on to the desserts to wrap up our meal and call it a day. Mario’s Discovery was a combination of macarons and chocolate cake crumbles setup to look like mushrooms in soil. The stems of the mushroom were white chocolate filled with cream, and the top of the mushrooms were the macarons.

At the end of our meal, I came to the conclusion that Butterfly High was more about the theatrics instead of the taste. While it’s an easy ticket to Instagram fame, are we to just ignore the noteworthy shortcomings? I’m not sure I would go back here for meal, especially with other restaurants in the area that can be serious contenders, but I wouldn’t mind dropping in for a fun round of drinks.