Inside Nara Thai, BKC | New Opening

By Krishna Bahirwani September 8, 2017

Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches, tropical climate and its unique cuisine. Due to its close proximity to India and similar climate, Indian people have developed an affinity for Thai food. This can be seen by the growing popularity the cuisine enjoys in the country and through the number of upcoming restaurants serving this food.

Representing a cuisine in India is no easy task. A country filled with food enthusiasts and an ever expanding selection of restaurants, we find ourselves spoilt for choice in every possible way. The restaurants that are passionate about the experience and pay attention to detail are the only ones that gain prominence. Nara Thai, we believe is going to be one of those restaurants.

Nara Thai is already a well-established brand globally having established itself in Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. Voted one of the best eateries in Thailand, it brings you authentic Thai food without compromise. Keeping true to that tradition, Karyna Bajaj and the team at KA hospitality have brought the same quality and experience you can expect from the brand to Mumbai. Hailing from a family of food lovers and restaurateurs, Karyna and her family have brought us excellent dining experiences in the form of Hakkasan and Yauatcha.

“Having brought two Michelin restaurants to India already, my focus after joining KA Hospitality is to introduce restaurants that embody the same ethos of exemplary food and service, but in a slightly more approachable way, this is reflected both in Nara and also on the other brands we are currently working on. As a company, we tend to focus on delivering one product to our customers; classic bold flavours with a great experience. Nara with its ambrosial food, presented in a modern setting embodies just that.” said Karyna Bajaj, Executive Director KA Hospitality via a press release.

With so much going for Nara Thai, we decided to visit for lunch on the first opportunity we got. Situated in Bandra Kurla Complex, the interiors have been designed by Thai designer Nitipattara Yensup who is also the designer of several other Nara outlets. The word “Nara” in Nara Thai stands for Thai woman. Keeping the interiors in line with the name, Yensup has designed the space to have a feminine aesthetic. Themes of purple and gold are visible throughout the interiors while also carrying over into some of the food and drink.


Tom Yum Hed

Our lunch there began with the Tom Yum Hed, a mushroom and prawn soup with a spicy lemongrass and lime flavour. The soup was filled with flavour and spice, and before we knew it, our bowls were empty. We then moved on to try the Larb Potato, which is a spicy north-eastern potato salad along with the Yum Phak Boong, a crisply fried morning glory leaves with seafood sauce. Both of these dishes became our instant favourites. After that we also sampled the Gai Hor Bai Toel, chicken in pandan leaf. The chicken was tender and had a very neutral flavour, giving us a break from all the overflow of taste we were experiencing.


Khao Phad Samunprai

For our main course, we tried the Khao Phad Samunprai, butterfly pea rice with Thai herbs and Kan Kiew Wan Gai more popularly known as Thai curry with chicken. Even though we have had a lot of Thai curry before, this one was easily one of the better-prepared versions of the dish we have tasted. Feeling happily satiated, we were ready to move onto dessert.

Unable to decide which way we would like to bid farewell to our excellent lunch, we decided to try both of the available options, the Nara ice cream and the Thai tea crepe cake. The ice cream had a coconut flavour and was served with a host of condiments to choose from. We decided to first try the ice cream itself and then add something if we felt the need to. However, when we did sink our teeth into the ice cream we decided it did not need any additions. It felt so fresh that it left us energized to try the other dessert. The Thai Tea Crepe Cake was also lovely, its sweet flavour and soft texture forced us to try and find space in our stomachs to consume the whole thing.

Nara Thai has already become my first choice for Thai food, it has the kind of authentic Thai experience I can enjoy with my family or friends. The restaurant opens on 11th of September and is currently pricing its dining experience at Rs 2500 per head, including a drink.

Address: Nara Thai Cuisine, Ground Floor, Raheja Towers, Opposite SIDBI Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai 400051
Timing: 12 noon – 4 pm, 6.30 pm – 1 am