Sindhi Food At Juss | All The Deets

By Mallika Dabke April 6, 2018
The mighty vegetarian thali at Juss.

Nestled in what is probably Khar’s most popular lane, just ahead of Khar Social and Hoppipola, is Juss by Sindhful.

Having not explored Sindhi food beyond my mum’s Sindhi curry recipe which she borrowed from a friend, I wasn’t sure what to expect at Juss. Having heard only great things about Juss’ parent branch, Sindhful; my expectations were set high.

Juss Interiors

The small space at Juss is a reflection of Indian restaurants we grew up with.

Stepping in, a wave of familiarity washed over me as I took in the interiors of the small restaurant. The walls had murals of old Indian city streets painted in brown, the wooden tables and chairs featured intricate carving designs, there were brass plates on the wall with perhaps the only missing element being a khatiya to chill on.

Once we settled down, we were presented with a small bowl of Masala Tikra Chips with Pudina Chutney while we went through the menu. A lot of the words were unfamiliar but my companions and I decided to take a chance and go with the waiter’s recommendations. Within a few minutes, our starters began to arrive.  

Chhole and Pattice - Juss

Chhole with aloo patties and pav.

With the intent of truly exploring the cuisine, we started with the Pakwaan Chaat, Soya Chaap, and Bheeyan Ji Tikki. The Pakwaan Chaat could be compared to an Indianized version of nachos – triangular crisps topped with chhole, chutney and onions. The Soya Chaap didn’t have any standout flavours or texture and was our least favourite appetizer. The tikki was an exciting mix of a savoury aloo tikki topped with sweet and crispy fried lotus stems.

Dal Pakwaan Chaat - Juss

The Dal Pakwaan Chaat at Juss.

One mistake we made, was ordering a plate of Dal Pakwaan, not realising that it was the same as the Pakwaan Chaat, but just served differently, in a deconstructed manner.

Our kind server seemed very excited about one dish in particular, he spoke of a Sindhi Papad and some sort of salad. Even though we weren’t leaning into it, we gave in to his enthusiasm; only to be served malasa papad.

Thali - Juss

The Vegtarian Thali at Juss.

A few laughs over the masala papad later, we ordered the mighty thali. We were served so many items, that we lost count. We first made our way through Aloo Tuks (sindhi special potato patties, eerily similar to hash browns), Boondi Raita and Sindhi Papad that came as sides. We tried the Bhindi Basar and Aloo Raswale for our mains along with light, fluffy rotis. We finally got a taste of real Sindhi Curry which was served with rice. Included in the thali was Rose Sharbat to sip on, and Gulab Jamun for dessert. One thali could easily serve two people but was so delicious, we hated wasting even a single morsel.

As hard as we tried, we weren’t able to do justice to this feast and in future would suggest not ordering too many appetizers if you plan to try the thali. Juss also offers a vegan thali instead of a vegetarian one, which is equally loaded and yum.

If like me, you too want to explore Sindhi cuisine in its most authentic setting, head here. While Juss’ parent branch Sindhful offers non-vegetarian food unlike Juss, diving head first into a strictly vegetarian meal was quite an experience to say the least. We recommend, that you should definitely try out Juss and its exquisite Sindhi food.

P.s – Here’s a fun idea for a drinking game – re-read this article and take a shot every time you read the word papad!