Kala Ghoda Dessert Guide | MF Guide

By Mallika Dabke April 23, 2018
Image Source: www.theinspiratron.tumblr.com

I like to call Kala Ghoda mine. It’s one of my most beloved parts of Mumbai, and few others come close to it in charm. It is home to two things very close to my heart – art and food. Famous for housing a number of art galleries, and art stalls along the sidewalks, it is also home to some of South Bombay’s best cafes and dessert shops. They have been witness to a number of lunch dates, catch ups, meetings, and even solo sessions with me sipping on a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day. All lined up in the quaint lanes of Kala Ghoda, I know these cafes like the back of my hand. And as somewhat of a self professed dessert expert, here is my take on Kala Ghoda’s best sweet indulgences.


Spiced Guava Cheesecake Tart at The Pantry

The Pantry - Guava Cheesecake

The Spiced Guava Cheesecake Tart at The Pantry.

What came on board as part of their winter menu has stayed on permanently, and I couldn’t be happier about it. If you’re not a fan of desserts that are just sugar in disguise, this Spiced Guava Cheesecake Tart at The Pantry is the one for you. The little tarling is stuffed with warm spiced Guava that makes for a flavour bomb in your mouth, offering a harmony of textures that makes you want to savour every small bite for as long as possible.


Dark Chocolate Waffles at Kala Ghoda Cafe

KGC makes truly great waffles that come with a side of sinfully dark melted chocolate to pour over. While they’ve been making their waffle batter from wheat, they also have Desi Waffles which are sugar-free and made using a mix of stone ground organic amaranth, madhira, modua and brown rice sourced from Uttarakhand, which is great for those days you’re counting your calories!


Chocolates from La Folie Du Chocolat

What used to be La Folie Patisserie by Chef Sanjana Patel, has now become La Folie Du Chocolat – a speciality chocolatier. Chef Sanjana works with chocolate sourced from all over the world to make superior chocolate bars, bon bons, ganache, rochers and truffles – every option is divine!  


Cookies and Ice Cream from Oh Dough

Finding the perfect cookie is like finding heaven on earth, and this seemingly impossible task has perhaps been achieved – Oh Dough makes the best cookies in Bombay. Coupled with their artisanal ice cream, it makes a late night Dessert Drive stay true to its name. My personal favorites are the Double Chocolate Orange Cookie with their Smoked Vanilla Ice Cream, and their Hazelnut Praline Cookie paired with their vegan Coffee Ice Cream. (BRB, I think I have to make a trip there right now!). They have recently started serving edible cookie dough too! 


The Seven Layer Cookie at The Nutcracker

Upon the arrival of The Nutcracker’s signature dish to your table, you may be weary, however from your first bite, you will be transported to dessert paradise with every layer shining through. Pair this sinful delight with their rich hot Belgian Hot Chocolate.


The Black Velvet Cheesecake at Poetry.

The Black Velvet Cheesecake at Poetry.

Lastly, while there are a couple more places to go to, these remain on the top of my list. There is a Theobroma hidden in the bylanes of Kala Ghoda but there are enough outlets of that near my home that I don’t need to make a special trip. There’s the newly opened Poetry by Love and Cheesecake that is running a very special black colour themed menu (which features a black velvet cheesecake for every emo/goth soul!) as on ode to Kala Ghoda. 145 Kala Ghoda does really delicious ice-cream cookie sandwiches, while 99 Pancakes, the creator of those super cute and super viral mini-pancakes, are also a great way to satisfy your sugar cravings. Shout out to the now closed Cafe Samovar, the beloved artists’ hangout, which used to serve their iconic kulfi in a matka, we wish you were still here.