Massimo Boturra Is Coming To Mumbai

By Mallika Dabke November 3, 2017


While casually scrolling through our Instagram feed today, we came across this. And quite a few of us at the office started hyperventilating. Massimo Boturra is coming to India!

We are very excited to announce that Conde Nast Traveller & NIRAV MODI present Hot Tables is bringing the amazing Massimo Bottura to Mumbai. The owner and chef of the world’s #1 restaurant of 2016, Osteria Francescanca, will be cooking for a select group of guests on November 22nd at the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai. Bottura is just as psyched: “I am very excited to travel to India, and especially thrilled to be going to Mumbai. I hope to be able to visit Chor Bazar, chaotic and colourful, and I’d like to see Dhobi Ghat. Friends who have visited have told me about the speeding taxis, tabla workshops and abundant street food. There is so much to learn, taste and take in … the time will never be enough and I already know I will have to come back for more.” Read more about the event in the link in our bio. #CNTHotTablesxNIRAVMODI @niravmodijewels @massimobottura

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Can you imagine what would happen if Beyonce came to perform in India? Can you imagine the struggle to get your hands on at least one ticket?

Hopefully that helps explain the magnitude of this event. Massimo Boturra is likely to have an impact like that since he’s going to be gracing our presence soon!

If not, allow me to elaborate.

Massimo Boturra is an Italian Chef who runs his restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena. His restaurant has been named the World’s Best Restaurant just last year. Boturra has earned 3 Michelin Stars to his Modena restaurant.

He was the first Chef to be featured on Chef’s Table, a Netflix Original Documentary series on the lives of Chefs. The opening episode featuring Massimo has left so many inspired to cook, eat and be involved in the world’s restaurant and food business. His work philosophy is simple, but what he puts on your plate is anything but. He is known for pushing the boundaries of classic Italian cooking, shattering the boundaries even, if they are holding him back.

His restaurant was also featured in Master of None, where Aziz Ansari’s character along with his buddy Ernie are seen dining in the cellar of the restaurant without reservations all well.

Condé Nast Traveller and Nirav Modi are the ones behind bringing Boturra to Mumbai, where he will be cooking a signature five-course meal to select invitees (Hey CNT, put us on the list, maybe?).

About his visit to India, Massimo talks to Condé Nast Traveller about his interest in visiting Chor Bazar and Dhobi Talao, and trying out the abundance of street food that Mumbai has on offer. He will be serving his signature dish titled ‘The Cruncy Part of the Lasagna’, featuring a vegetarian ragu and airy béchamel sauce. It’s Bottura’s spin on the classic Italian recipe, and it pays homage to his grandmother, under whose kitchen table the legend first discovered his love of food.

We hope you have a lovely visit, Massimo!