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By Sama Ankolkar September 13, 2016
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It takes some kind of psychopath to dislike cheese. We’ve had it in sandwiches, pasta, burgers, pizzas, appetizers, and dreams. We’ve all drooled at the look of melting Emmental cheese in our burgers and enjoy the sharpness a sprinkle of Cheddar brings to creamy pasta.

We decided to indulge in some fondue craving and went around the city trying out fondues, hoping to put together a list which makes it easier for you to decide which fondue you can tease your taste buds with.

Cafe infinto 2

Classic Cheese Fondue, Cafe Infinito

Café Infinito, BKC
This generous dose is as cheesy as it can get. It won us over with the right balance between the sharpness and creaminess of a classic fondue with the emmental, gruyere, cheddar and mozzarella and white wine. What will really melt you are the croutons. With pesto and garlic flavored in house croutons to compliment their Classic Cheese Fondue, this was bound to be a winner.
Cost: Rs. 555

silver beach 1

Classic Pepper and Garlic Fondue, Silver Beach Cafe

Silver Beach Cafe, Fort & Juhu
It’s cute yet classy interiors make it a safe bet for date night over a fondue. A refreshing fondue here is their Classic Pepper and Garlic Fondue. It is light on the sharpness, but complements the four cheeses in the fondue. They have a special Madras Curry fondue as well. It is slightly quirky, but surprisingly really tasty too! Served with vegetables, lavash, croutons and potato wedges, this gives an interesting twist to your fondue palette.
Cost: Rs. 590

Quattro 3

Classic Cheese Fondue, Quattro

Quattro, Lower Parel
For those who enjoy a heavily-loaded fondue, the Queso Fonduta Mexicana at Quattro is for you. Loaded with olives, jalapeños and beans, this one makes sure to sit in your stomach, making it memorable and spicy. The Classic Cheese Fondue at Quattro is pretty damn amazing too. It is creamy, rich and well, indulgently cheesy.
Cost: Rs. 545


Desi Fondue, Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue, Carter Road
We tried the Desi Fondue here, and it ticked all the boxes for our desi side. Combine the feel of a Punjabi Paneer Makhani with pungent cheese and you can imagine the flavours of this fondue. Extremely different from the whole classic fondue interpretation, the Desi Fondue is an interesting take on this Swiss dish.
Cost: Rs. 515

Doolally, Kemps Corner, Bandra, & Andheri
The house name for the sinful dipping bowl here is Blondue, courtesy the infusion of beer instead of white wine. Served with sautéed vegetables or chicken along with croutons, you’re unlikely to get a more wholesome fondue with a twist. The pieces of Fried Garlic or Bacon bits (or both), make this a winner over any ordinary chicken dinner. Watch out for the portion size, it may be bigger than you bargained for.
Cost: Rs. 750


Mexican Fondue, Jamjar Diner

Jamjar Diner, Versova
One of the most charming places in Andheri, they serve up a Mexican Fondue that’s quite pleasing. You’re given a little reminder of the kind of cheese you have with nachos with this fondue, but in all honesty, who’s complaining? We all love that melted cheese with our nachos, don’t we?
Cost: Rs. 465

Café Royal, Colaba
A mainstay of Continental dining in Colaba, their Classic Jalapenos, Olive and Cheese Fondue is pretty worthwhile. A reasonably priced pot of cheese, olives and jalapenos with focaccia cubes, this is a fondue that serves an indulgence with happiness.
Cost: Rs. 425


Traditional Fondue, Gallops

Gallops, Mahalaxmi
What they lack in the sharpness of fondue, they make up for by serving vegetables. Served with broccoli and baby potatoes, one does miss the traditional croutons, however the vegetables are an interesting and healthier foil to the cheese. Definitely get their Traditional Fondue if you’re one of those people on a diet (and still want fondue).
Cost: Rs. 675

Le Café, Chembur
This popular neighbourhood joint has two types of fondue: the Plain Cheese and a Fondue ‘Our Style’ which comes with shallots, jalapenos and grilled pepper. Using parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar and blue cheese, this was sharper than your average. It had a homemade flavor to it and can be had with bread, chicken or prawns.
Cost: Rs. 400

All post images except the feature image are by Vinayak Grover.

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