The Art Behind Miniature Food With Creator Tapasya Prabhu

By Mallika Dabke September 28, 2018
Thought this was food? Tricked you!

Food is art. Food is art when it is displayed on a plate in a never-before-seen form; colours, textures and surprising ingredients put together to create a unique masterpiece. Food is art when you walk past a bakery early in the morning and the aroma of freshly baked bread envelopes you in a warm hug. Food is art when artists like Tapasya Prabhu take it a step further, to create artwork in the form of her viral Indian food miniatures.


lovely little charms - mini food


Tapasya Prabhu is an artist who creates clay miniatures under her company Lovely Little Charms. An architect by profession, Tapasya started working on Lovely Little Charms back in 2013 out of sheer love and passion for creating mini clay models.

Since most of her work revolves around mini food replicas of popular Indian food, I got in touch with Tapasya to know more about her and her art. Read about our conversation below.


Tapasya Prabhu - Lovely Little Charms - Mini food

Tapasya with her lovely little masterpieces!


Tell us a little bit about your background and past experience that led to starting Lovely Little Charms.

As a child, I was always inclined toward art and creativity. I would keep creating something new out of waste or make random abstract art out of dough or clay. While studying Architecture, I was introduced to this material called polymer clay via YouTube and was absolutely blown away by the potential it had. For me, it was something that was going to satiate my creative bone and so I started experimenting with it myself and soon started putting my creations on my Instagram via @lovelylittlecharms.


Take us through your process of making miniature food, what goes into it?

The main ingredient that goes into making miniature food is patience. Haha! You need to pay a lot attention to details when it comes to replicating actual food so achieving the right colour and texture is extremely important. I always take inspiration from real images so before I begin with making miniatures I look for references and inspiration either on Pinterest or Instagram, after which I study the image carefully and then start the miniature making process.


What is the best and worst part about being in your business?

I think the best part about this business is the art form itself. It’s uniqueness and appeal is what people like a lot and even though it’s tedious work, the experience of having made the miniatures is nothing but exhilarating.

I can’t really think of a down side to it, at least there isn’t any yet or maybe because this is not really like a business to me. It’s more about expressing myself through my work and connecting with people who enjoy this art form.


lovely little charms - mini food


What has the response been like? What’s a memorable interaction you have had with a client?

The response has been crazy! Honestly, I feel so grateful to be in the position of something I love so much. The best feeling is when my followers react to my work positively. I’ve got some amazing responses like ‘oh I thought that was real’ and ‘this makes me so hungry that I’m actually going to go out and get it’. The fact that people react like this is a big compliment for me.

Some very special moments are when David Rocco, a Canadian author and celebrity chef who has been inspiring me since I was young, commented on one of my works. Also, when Pooja Dhingra reposted my miniature macaron picture on her page, appreciating it, really made my day.


What’s your favorite piece of work you have made so far?

It’s definitely the miniature Pav Bhaji. It was fun to make it and I love the amount of details I could achieve in it. Also, I made it for the first time for you guys so it holds a very special place in my heart.


What’s the future of Lovely Little Charms?

It’s LIT!! Hahaha! I do have some ideas but they aren’t concrete so I can’t talk about them as yet but just going with the flow, really. Sometimes it’s better not to plan too much because you never know what life has to offer. However, if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that the journey is going to be awesome!


I personally find it very exciting to see women artists and entrepreneurs pushing the creativity envelope and making a mark in the art and food community. Her miniatures make for the best gifts or collectibles, so you can have a look at and purchase Tapasya’s work on her Instagram @lovelylittlecharms.