Monsoon Munchies | MF Guide

By Mallika Dabke June 20, 2018
Ghar ki chai when it's pouring outside. What could be better? Image:

The best way to get through this gloomy weather, is with a good book and a good meal. We all connect the monsoons with certain memories, situations and feelings. The first few rains always make me feel so refreshed, yet nostalgic. Every year I pull out my same old hoodie, end up curling up with a book on the armchair that otherwise goes neglected and eat way more pakodas than I ever do during the year!

Every monsoon, there are a few things I really crave and enjoy thoroughly. Everyone has their special monsoon meals and here are a few of my favourite things to eat and drink during the rains.

Hot Cuppas

Classic Hot Chocolate at The Nutcracker. Image:

Classic Hot Chocolate at The Nutcracker. Image:

If this doesn’t deserve to be on the top of my list, then I don’t know what could possibly be better. In the last couple of years, we’ve noticed a growth spurt in the number of cafes and tea shops across the city.

We have previously created guides for the city’s best teas, coffees and hot chocolates, but I still find the need to talk about some noteworthy ones.

Blue Tokai and Koinonia Coffee Roasters are slowly but surely creating an impact on Mumbai’s coffee-drinking culture. Go here for a warm and strong pick-me-up on your way to work.

For me, hot chocolate can make for the absolute perfect rainy day treat. The Nutcracker in Kala Ghoda and Bandra can make you a seriously indulgent cup of joy. Among other places serving our favourite hot chocolates, try the adult hot chocolate at Theobroma, or a very different peanut butter hot chocolate at Coffee by Di Bella.

A lot of these places even do deliveries, so why don’t you just take a moment to picture yourself with a blanket, a book and a hot cuppa?

Noodle Bowls

Few other dishes have had the cult following ramen enjoys today. Image:

Few other dishes have had the cult following ramen enjoys today. Image:

The monsoon is a super noodle-friendly season with love for every kind of noodle from ramen bowls to maggi bowls. The choice is yours! Warm broths with noodles spell comfort food like none other.

The Fatty Bao has an amazing section of their menu dedicated to ramen bowls, so browse through them for some interesting options like their Exotic Mushroom Ramen or The Chasu Ramen.

Pre-order some pho for yourself from The Blue and spend the weekend in bed. Busago delivers hearty Asian meals to your doorstep, too.

Truth be told, there’s nothing like a bowl of maggi made just the way you like it, whether soupy, dry or just right. And for real, make it yourself. Please don’t spend 250 bucks outside just to add a dice of jalapeno here and a sliver of grocery shop cheese there…to maggi!


When it’s gloomy and pouring outside, what’s better than a warm and bubbly pot of liquid cheese to indulge in? Fondues are great for large tables and even larger appetites. They can be so much fun when made at home for a sleepover, with a big hot pot in the middle of the room surrounded by multiple hands going in for a dip. We’ve tried our fair share of fondues across the city and have found that melted cheese goodness is an incomparable pleasure.

Out Of The Blue does a very quirky Desi Fondue, which is kind of like taking a Punjabi paneer makhani and turning it into a fondue. Doolally outlets across the city serve a Blondue, which is a beer infused cheese fondue in true brewery style. Café Royal in Colaba does a very hearty and simple cheese fondue for when you want to play it nostalgic and simple. To know more about out fondue experiences across the city, follow this link!


It would honestly be a sin to exclude pakodas from this list. While nothing may compare to the pakodas cooked inside your kitchen, we’ve got a few places up our sleeve that can be considered to be worthy opponents.

The Bombay Canteen currently has a monsoon special menu that features a selection of pakodas and hot toddies. From piping hot onion pakodas to Chorizo Pulao Fritters, take your pick of bhajiyas and couple them with a monsoon special toddy selection.

Kailash Parbat, Soam and Gonguura all fry hot bhajiyas regularly, so you can get your hands on some freshly fried munchies at one nearest you.

However, the best and easiest option might be the vada pav wala on your street, responsible for frying these sinfully oily delights through the rush hours of the evening. Vada pavs, samosas, onion bhajiyas and more, at your local vendor doesn’t get any better and makes for a truly Bombay experience.

We all have food memories attached to the rains, and so we hope we’ve managed to satiate whatever it is you’re craving. We wanted to give a special shout-out to steaming hot momos and bhutta, even though they might not have the spotlight of an entire category, they’re both still capable of invigorating all our monsoon nostalgia