The Mumbai Foodie Munchies Guide

By Mumbai Foodie April 20, 2018
Pepperoni Pizza. Image Source: COLE SALADINO/THRILLIST

Happy 420! It’s that day of the year, when we’re pre-planning food for today, because we all know how it’s going to run its course. Better to stock up than to feel miserable later, right? Here’s a handy list to help you stay prepared – make sure you place your orders on time and stock up your snack cupboard before you kickstart your 420 celebrations.

From Your Local Grocer

Banana Chips

Banana Chips

 One word: Chips. Across the board, every seasoned munchie professional I asked, had chips on the top of their list. Now, the variety is quite vast, so you can take your pick from – Blue Lays, Regular Banana Chips, Spicy Banana Chips, Regular Potato Chips, Potato Bhujiya, and more. Other great options at your local grocer are Cheese Balls, Cheeselings, Nachos, Soya Sticks and the ever-popular, Chakli.

Order In

If you’re in Andheri, you’re spoilt for choice between sliders at Third House, Pizza at Joey’s and and burgers at Jimi’s. For the rest of the city, some popular options are Cheesy Fries from The J (in honour of 420), Butter Chicken Rolls from Goila’s, biryani from whoever is willing to deliver late in the night, and last but not the least, a good hearty meal from McDonald’s. Else, make a trip to your local Vada Pav guy and go all out on the chutneys. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, order in the Chocolate Explosion Waffles from Coffee By Di Bella, which is a massive plate of exactly what you’re looking for. If broke scenes are your reality, just dunk a finger in a jar of Nutella and enjoy.

Whip Something Up At Home

Nutella Image

Nutella Image

If you can’t deal with online orders or stepping out to shop, whip something up at home. This isn’t for everyone. Making it to the kitchen, and assembling ingredients together is no small feat. But if you’re motivated enough, you will be shocked at how good a humble slice of bread lathered with butter tastes after some 420-ing. There’s also nothing like spreading a generous layer of Nutella and/or peanut butter on top of a Parle G biscuit.

Pro Tip: Put a marshmallow in the middle of two Parle G biscuits that have been Nutella-ed up and put the sandwich in the microwave for 10 seconds. You’re welcome.

Whatever your poison, we want to know! What is your favourite 420 munchie?


Written By Mallika Dabke