Can A Powder Replace Your Lunch?

By Vansh Panjabi August 31, 2016
Illustration: Brandon Joseph

Welcome to the future, where cellphones don’t have buttons, books no longer require pages, and meals can be replaced with a powdered substitute. myDaily is a soluble powder that does just that in 3 flavors – Neutral, Vanilla, and Chocolate. No more pots or pans, no more stoves or gas, no more cutlery or crockery; simply mix a packet of myDaily into 350ml of water and you can swallow your nutrients.

The packaging is detailed, with a truly long list of Nutritional Facts on the back, consisting of 12 vitamins and 13 minerals. Brandished “The Perfectly Engineered Meal Replacement Shake”, I decided to try this for a day to replace my meals.

Now keep in mind, I LOVE food (the kind cooked for flavour and texture) at a minimum of three meals a day. To genuinely test the product, I decided to replace all three meals in my day with three differently flavored packets of myDaily. No Schezwan Chicken Frankie down the road, nor Idli or Dosa, and definitely no Samosa.

I was definitely more doubtful than curious about my “food” for the day when it was time for breakfast. I’d consumed protein supplements after working out in the past, but this was an extreme sports version of that.


The neutral myDaily being prepared for the first meal of the day. Image: Saylee Padwal

To kick off this experiment, I picked the myDaily Neutral flavour for my first meal, saving the Vanilla and Chocolate packets for later. As I poured the powder into the shaker I was taken aback by its sheer volume even before adding the 350ml of water. Shaking up this mixture lead to a creamy, broth-like consistency, with a mild soy flavour.

I was surprised by how filling the drink really was. The myDaily packet was equally surprising in providing a slightly sweet, milky richness in its taste and texture; now leaving me more curious than doubtful about my powder-lunch and powder-dinner.


A vanilla-flavoured myDaily lunch. Image: Saylee Padwal

Hunger didn’t strike me for a good three and a half hours, until it was time for my vanilla-flavoured lunch. As compared to the Neutral flavor, the Vanilla boasted a lot more taste with a similar powder-like texture. Towards the end of this drink, its weight began to heave me down. By the last gulp I was totally sated, but I was beginning to miss chewing.

After a three-hour wait it was time to try the myDaily Chocolate flavour and wrap up a day of interesting experimentation. I had eagerly saved it to keep (hopefully), the best for the last. Although I had been biologically content throughout, there was a sense of missing chewing, spicy flavours, and solid texture. Thankfully, this packet was the most flavourful myDaily.


A day of experimenting meets a chocolate end. Image: Saylee Padwal

It was a satisfying end to my day-long experiment. The chocolate was not overpowering while the texture maintained the right amount of milky-ness, perfectly balanced between a shake and water.

As for a final review, I cannot deny the fact that I craved solid food throughout the day. Despite not having the appetite for a meal due to the volume of each of the myDaily packets, my palette craved something hot, something bursting with multiple flavors, something I could chew and swallow and feel resting in my stomach.

To replace all your meals, myDaily is an acquired habit.

Trying three myDaily shakes is a different experience, however. I never imagined being so filled up simply on liquid! I’m also going to confess: within a couple hours of consuming the third shake I had to treat myself to hot, buttery Pav Bhaji at home. I did this more for the sake of tasting something real than filling my stomach.

However, as perhaps a once a day meal, myDaily is a great solution to growling tummies on the go or on a busy day. The future is now, and it needs only 350 ml of water and a shaker.

Would you ever try replacing your meals with myDaily? Tell us in the comments below.