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By Sarvesh Talreja August 3, 2018
Let's get snacking on nachos in Mumbai. Image:

There’s something about a torrential downpour that has us dreaming about crispy chips loaded with cheese, salsa, guac and well, anything else you’d like to give us! Check out our list of nachos we’d drive miles in the rain for.

Irish House, 7 outlets

There are very few weekend nights at Irish House that one doesn’t find tables littered with orders of the immensely generous and popular Grande Nachos. Also available with chicken, you can count on a portion to fortify you (and your friends) for a night of drinking. Our favorite bit about these nachos is their value-for-money quantity and consistency.

Quick tip: If you’re looking for more finger food, order the Chicken Wings here.

The generously loaded Nachos at The Irish House. Image.

The generously loaded Nachos at The Irish House. Image.

Jam Jar Diner,Versova

With interiors resembling a subtle, kitschy chaos, the somewhat new menu at JamJar is as playful. Nachos are available two ways here: JJ’s Nachos, with an option to add Grilled Chicken. There’s little fuss to the dish or its preparation here, but the results include a pico de gallo that tastes just a little fresher than what we’re used to and a balanced sprinkling of cheese that allows every flavour and texture a chance to shine.

Quick tip: Get your phone out, these interiors deserve to be shot #NoFilter.

Cream Centre, 8 outlets

Minimal and low on fuss, the Nachos at Cream Centre outlet scream simplicity. Tortilla chips, cheese, and capsicum make up the components for the World’s Best Nachos, as it’s called on the menu. While this a nostalgic favorite, you can add Mexican beans or order a portion of ‘the Big Nachos’ which include bell peppers, black olives, jalapenos, and their nacho sauce and sour cream.

Quick tip: There ought to be a law against leaving without an order of onion rings.

Tamasha, Lower Parel

This bar brims with various options for a night out: whether you’re having a chill night with your friends, or looking for a spot to pre-drink or binge eat, this vibrant location is where you need to be. The Kadai nachos created here comes piping hot from the kitchen, covered with cheese that you can pull for miles. The chips are as crispy as they are delicious, perfect to scoop out those oh-so-tangy jalapenos or that never-ending stringy cheese.

Quick tip: If you’re feeling extra-adventurous, order the makhani nachos, which has a unique Punjabi masala twist.

The Benedict Bistro and Bar, Bandra Reclaimation

If you love nachos but hate the gooey mess, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised! Here at Benedict Bar and Bistro, where the interiors are sleek and classy, the food follows similar construction – a neat arrangement of black rice and corn tortillas lie beside layers of zesty sour cream, rustic guacamole, spicy refried beans and, of course, some refreshing Pico de Gallo. Due to its arrangement, you can chooscombinationsttions of toppings you want to eat with your nachos.

 Quick tip: Order 2, just because it’s so pretty

Beautifully stacked Nachos at The Benedict Bistro and Bar. Image.

Beautifully stacked Nachos at The Benedict Bistro and Bar. Image.

Social, 9 Outlets

The Fully Loaded Nachos is the only version available at Social outlets across the city. Served in a compact plate, dressed with a generous amount of cheesy sauce, the nachos were crunchy to the T and were complimented well a sweet yet tangy salsa. These nachos are ideal for smaller groups sharing a wide variety of finger food while nursing drinks.

Quick tip: Get a Social LIIT and you’re set for a night out.

Cheesy Nachos at Social. Image.

Cheesy Nachos at Social. Image.

Bar Stock Exchange, 7 Outlets

With multiple locations across Mumbai, all bustling with people vibing to great music, the electric atmosphere at Bar Stock Exchange will make you want to gulp gulp gulp those shots!  Interestingly, this location changes drink prices according to real time demand, just like a stock market. So try to keep up. Much like our love for BSE, the prices of food are constant – the huge plate of nachos come for a mere 280 rupees. Crackling nachos served with intense spicy salsa and smooth sour cream are the perfect accompaniment to the tequila shots we know you’re downing.

 Quick tip: The cheesy, spicy fries are perfect after tequila shots.

Seriously Delicious Nachos at BSE. Image.

Seriously Delicious Nachos at BSE. Image.

Alfredo’s, Juhu, Lokhandwala

The cult Juhu venue and its Lokhandwala outpost serve a smattering of comfort food, including wholesome pizzas, pastas, mains, sizzlers, as well as kebabs, wraps, and sandwiches. Before one gets confused, let’s bring the focus back to nachos, in this case, Baked Nachos. The unique preparation method allows for a more consistent bite with some warm cheese melted, allowing the dish to be served at a very unique temperature.
Quick tip: We’re also fond of the pizza and pasta selections here.

Hard Rock Cafe, Worli & Veera Desai Area

There isn’t another place that captures the spirit of American Rock n’ Roll as well as Hard Rock Cafe outlets around the world. Both outlets in the city sport a delightful amount of paraphernalia from icons of modern music, host regular performances, and also manage to make Nachos more loaded than Aditya Birla. Meet the Nacho Palooza, served vegetarian with the option of adding South West Chicken. Tuck into a sharing size plate of tortilla chips that carry the weight of generous cheddar cheese and beans, served with sour cream, chopped green onions, and Pico de Gallo.

Quick tip: The Happy Hours menu at HRC is a perfect month-end solution to drinking up.

Spicy Nachos at The Hard Rock Café. Image.

Spicy Nachos at The Hard Rock Cafe. Image.

Chili’s American Grill & Bar, 4 outlets

The tex-mex chain offers Classic Nachos with the option of adding grilled chicken and buffalo meat. In typical Chili’s fashion, the dish is a modern spin on the classic recipe served with the promise of melted cheese, jalapenos, beans, and queso on every chip.

Quick tip: Get a Margarita at Chili’s, they are made well here.

TAP Resto Bar, 3 Outlets

Stepping into this location will transport you to the friendly commotion of bars we’ve seen in movies. The lively ambience and tasteful decor paired with their wide range of drinks is only missing a hearty bowl of delicious food. Be sure to order their loaded nachos, topped with hot salsa and a generous smattering of pull-apart cheese. Olives add pops of salty flavour, which blends perfectly into the cheesy palate.

 Quick tip: The mexi chaat is their version of a non-cheese nachos- order it if you have to keep a check on your weight.

Quattro, Lower Parel

One of the best Italian or Mexican joints in town, Quattro also serves delicious vegetarian fare. The nachos here are served either with cheese or DIY-style, making them completely customizable. You get to pick everything from your choice of tortilla, style of beans, sauce, toppings, and accompaniments. If all that seems like too much fuss, simply order the Cheese Nachos.

Quick tip: Go early or make a reservation to make sure you have a table at this buzzing spot.

Cheesy Nachos at Quattro. Image.

Cheesy Nachos at Quattro. Image.

Leave it to us to know the best, all you have to do is grab a seat and indulge heavily on these heaven made nachos that are sure to put you in a food coma.