Nando’s, Come Back To Us | Open Letter

By Sama Ankolkar September 13, 2016
Table goals at Nando's. Image:

I was a teenager on one of my first trips to London, and I remember visiting a Nando’s outlet for the first time. I remember the juicy chunks of spicy chicken and digging into one after days of bland British food.  It’s strange that a fast food shop became one of my fondest memories of the trip.

Nando’s later opened in Mumbai, bringing back mouth-watering memories. I practically dragged my mother to the outlet in a Malad mall, just to get my hands dirty using the zesty, tangy, fiery chicken. I don’t know if I was feeding my palette, my stomach, or my memories of those favourite flavors. Obviously, Nando’s had hit home with me.

With most restaurant menus reading of chicken, it’s easy to tell we’re a city that loves its chicken. We have grown to love and relish other meats too, but most of us carnivores started with chicken, the gateway drug into the world of meat, turning us into mutton-eating machines. Plus we’re not big fans of Bangalore and Delhi having fun we don’t even have access to.

How can you look at this and not want a bite? Image:

We associate flavour with spice, often confusing the distinction between the two, but who cares anymore? We love spice, we love variety, we love innovation and most of all, we love our chicken the Nando’s way! Why introduce us to a restaurant which has a spice level for every taste bud, roasted, grilled and even butter fried chicken, had with either rice or burger options or plain, with sides that appease us ALL and then TAKE THAT AWAY?

I even miss the way a Nando’s outlet smells. Image:

Mumbai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. We are known to appreciate any culture appearing at our docks, and most of all, we are the most hospitable society to any food that leaves us wanting more.

So, dear Nando’s, if you’re listening, come back to Mumbai. We’re found to generally crave peri peri from your thoroughly balanced menu. We miss the touch of gourmet with the ‘Olive’ section and when we want to reward our chicken loving side, your red rooster did the trick like nobody else.

I’m done with saying ‘nah, I don’t want chicken, I’m bored of it.’ We need a reminder with some punch, and you are it.

Nando’s, come back. We miss you. We want you. We love you.

Ps – Damn, all I could picture while writing this were those huge glass bottles of the fiery sauces.