New In Colaba | Inside The Urban Foundry

By Mallika Dabke January 29, 2018
The have the coolest designated lounge area.

This restaurant has shut down. But you can still read our review, to know what to eat here when in Pune!

The Urban Foundry is a chain of upscale dining bars from Pune that has made itself a new home in the city’s art district. Standing right in the midst of Kalaghoda, NGMA, Jehangir art library and the CSMV Museum, lie the sturdy foundations of The Urban Foundry, occupying the space that was once Ellipsis.

The Urban Foundry

From an area that can’t boast of too many modern bars, The Urban Foundry finds itself in a perfect spot, with potential to host the social butterflies from this side of town, who are too tired of spending their weekends in Lower Parel or Bandra.

The concept that the restaurant revolves around, is that of a foundry, an establishment for metal casting. The decor, interiors, and style of food plating, is a kind of fusion that makes you feel like you’re eating a fine-dining meal inside a factory. The mood inside is edgy and grunge, with light rock music that sets the tone straight.

The Private Dining Area at The Urban Foundry perfect for a casual dinner party.

The Private Dining Area at The Urban Foundry perfect for a casual dinner party.

They inhabit a heritage building, which reflects in the interiors of the restaurant. They also have two private dining areas, and the historic nature of the building shows in the way it has been done up, which is a contrast to the modern set up of the all day dining space.

The Urban Foundry has a drinks and food menu that celebrates the same edginess that the decor resonates. Some items borrowed from their Pune menu, and most created with keeping Bombay as inspiration, The Urban Foundry presents you with a menu that makes it a little tricky to make heads or tails of. A peculiar combination of Asian an Indian cuisines makes up the food menu, that brings forward surprisingly tasteful fusion foods to the table.

Their most popular cocktail from Pune, The Knuckle Up.

Their most popular cocktail from Pune, The Knuckle Up.

We started our meal with some cocktails while we waited for a plethora of appetizers to arrive to our table. Our favorites were The First Man cocktail, a white rum based tiki, and The Knuckle Up, which is iconically popular from their Pune outlets.

Right off the bat, the first appetizer we tried, had left us drooling. The Soya Chaap wasn’t as convincing on paper as it was when it met with our taste buds. It didn’t even feel like soya, it felt like perfectly cooked chicken. It had all the meatiness that vegetarian kebabs can lack. The Soya Chaap, although followed by a chicken vada pav and prawn tempura sushi, upheld itself as the best appetizer of the day.

The Urban Foundry has an entire section of their menu dedicated to Japanese Pizzas, of their own invention. We tried the Salmon Dynamite Pizza, which was an ideal appetizer to couple with drinks. The Bacon and Blue Cheese Kulccha, as sinful and mouth-watering as it sounds, was far too heavy.

The mutton in this Dabba Ghost fell off the bone with such ease!

The mutton in this Dabba Gosht fell off the bone with such ease!

Their main course isn’t as experimental as the rest of their menu, so we kept it simple with a wholesome Massaman Curry coupled with Jasmine Rice. We also couldn’t resist the Dabba Ghost with Naan, where the mutton would fall off the bone with such ease!

Kulfi, but with a Gajjar Halwa twist!

Kulfi, but with a Gajjar Halwa twist!

For dessert, we had their Gaajar Halwa Kulfi, a Watermelon Rasmalai Carpaccio and a Motichoor Sushi. All three dessert items were made for eclectic palates and brave Gryffindors. They were yummy, indeed, but not something your mom will be up for. Best you dropped by to get the cocktails and appetizers going!

If you have ever raised an eyebrow at molecular gastronomy (and rightly so), you have our word that The Urban Foundry doesn’t push the boundaries of fusion food into unwanted territories, but it reigns it in everywhere it needs to be. The Urban Foundry overall is a welcome addition to the South Bombay night life scene!