Where To Order From? | Colaba Edition

By Mallika Dabke November 28, 2017
Image: Kuai Kitchen

The grass is greener on the other side, and the better side is down south, buddy! Keeping the South Bombay v. Suburbs case aside, South Bombay has a brilliant bunch of classic and modern delivery restaurants. When you trickle down to specifically Colaba, it’s filled with hidden gems at surprisingly pocket-friendly prices!

Here are our favourite restaurants to order food delivery at blessed rates from when we’re in Colaba:


Kuai Kitchen

This trendy little Asian food joint is serving up modern Asian food at pocket-friendly rates, which is honestly such great news! They also have lunch combos, that you can check out. Call them to place your order for prawn tempura rolls, lettuce wraps, prawn sesame toasts or smoked chicken salads, all generously sized and lovingly priced!

Chikita Cafe

Fun fact: Colaba has a lot of options for shawarma for some reason. Tucked away between Cafe Royal and Woodside Inn, Chikita Cafe is ticking all the right boxes when it comes to Lebanese food on a budget. Apart from their tasteful hummus platters and shawarmas, they also serve some American fast food like burgers and hot dogs that you can try.

Francesco’s Pizzeria

Location: Francesco Pizzeria In Picture: Pepperoni Pizza & Tartufo Our review: This place has taken this classic pizza on a complete another level. The pizza was fully loaded with crispy and perfect pepperonis on the top. It was one of the simplest pizzas we tried at Francesco's yet was clear winner amongst the all.
Going on for veg We would rather name this pizza a mushroom paradise. As mushrooms were at the tip of the pizza such that every bite would overwhelm your palate with its taste. Along with mushrooms this pizza had roasted zucchini which brilliantly balanced the flavors on this pizza. Tags: #goodfoodinmumbai #food #foodie #mumbaifoodie #mumbaifoodtalk #itz_mumbai #mumbaifoodjunkie #grubzone #things2doinmumbai #trellingmumbai #lbb #everydaymumbai #thecrazyindianfoodie #fbai #foodbossindia #foodmaniacindia #mumbaidiaries #somumbai #ddmumbai #foodofmumbai #foodiliciousmumbai #trelltale #trellingfood #foodiciousmumbai #buzzfeed #instafood #_soinmumbai #mymumbai #mumbaifoodlovers #travel_diaries❤️

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Nestled in the by lanes of Colaba, Francesco’s Pizzeria is arguably one of the most underrated pizza places in the city. They have seriously gold level cheesy garlic bread, and if you’re into thin crust pizzas, you will become an instant fan of this place.

Kailash Parbat

One of South Mumbai’s oldie goldies, Kailash Parbat has some tantalising samosa chaat and paani puri. Order chhole bhature or ragda patice, and then snuggle in bed while taking care of the food baby Kailash Parbat gave you to adopt.

P.s- I’m willing to fight anyone who contests the divinity of this chaat hub in comparison with any other.

Delhi Darbar

True Story: The taste of the butter chicken and rumali roti from Delhi Darbar is so deeply etched in my taste buds, that even though I can appreciate butter chickens from everywhere else, I will never be able to indeed accept them as superior. Nothing feels better than when you’re gorging on a Mughlai meal, it somehow satisfies a lot of food demons, no?

Gokul Bite

Aka Sunlight’s friendly cousin brother.

No but Gokul bite is a small little stall next to the bar, and they are making rolls that are directly in arms against their competition across the street. Their rolls are better priced and loaded with filling. Honestly, it is so stuffed with super yummy filling and sauces, it has potential to fall apart, but the mess is worth it for its flavour and price.

Central Lunch Home

If you’re a stranger to Mangalorean cuisine, I urge you to indulge in Central Lunch Home’s ultra mouth watering thalis. You can pick from their prawns, Pomfret, mutton, chicken thalis, among other sea food varieties. This cuisine is heavy on coconut based curries and sea food, so if that’s something that excites you, you must reach out to your phone and place an order right now! If seafood is something that you can’t deal with, you can go for their North Indian section, with the usual paneer and chicken tikkas and naans.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss out on Neer Dosa!