8 Pet-Friendly Places To Visit Soon! | MF Guide

By Disha Hanspal August 31, 2016

We’re fans that certain places are around the city are now welcoming our friends with well-groomed fur. Pets are the most awesome companions for a day out, and I’m sure it sometimes breaks your heart to leave your furry best friends behind. How much more fun would it be able to have a pet around while you enjoy a good meal?!

Here is a list of eight pet-friendly cafes where you could go and enjoy a great meal with your most beloved friends!


Picture of Zizou, the resident dog at Gostana. Image: Instagram.com/sahni_sonal

Gostana, Bandra
Regulars know Gostana as an oasis of calm and music. This café off Linking Road has long been a favourite for their healthy and wholesome burgers. With owner Arpana Gvalani being a huge fan of pets, you can chat with her while your dog (or cat) mingles with Gostana’s very own rockstar – Zizou. They’ve also got sangria on the menu recently, and that’s always a good idea for you, although we’d advise that glass be kept away from any pets. Until this comes to India.
Quick tip: Inform them an hour before your visit with a pet, so they can make arrangements for your welcome!

Fellas Cafe, Khar
Known for its healthy menu for the calorie-conscious and wholesome breakfasts, Fellas is also a pet-friendly café. There’s no reason to worry about how your pup is doing back home while you knock back wheatgrass shots. There’s enough space for your dog to play around and have a chill day with you!
Quick tip: Grilled Chicken and Ravioli here are a blend of health and taste.

Leaping Windows, Versova
Comics and reading them for long hours here are part of what makes this Versova café cool. That you can also bring your pets to the outside dining area is definitely what makes it one of Andheri’s coolest spaces! Enjoy the food, maybe chill a little with your human friends, and be around your pet. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.
Quick tip: Their comic collection is worth many repeat visits!

A pet dog, happy to be at Doolally Taproom. Image: Instagram.com/theprettyinsomaniac

Doolally Taproom, Andheri
Every weekend we feel like day drinking some craft beer. But if your puppy is looking at you with his big cute eyes, it’s definitely a sign: they want to come drinking too! Doolally is a pet-friendly bar where you can eat well, have your pet play and walk around outdoors, and watch you as you begin to resemble the happy camper you were meant to be after a couple of golden ales.
Quick Tip: They’ve got beer for each palette, from sweet ciders to stouts and bitters.

The Bagel Shop, Bandra
A quaint place with an airy open patio is a lovely place to spend mornings. Go here for a bagel breakfast with your beagle, as they’re only too happy to play hosts. It’s a relaxed place to enjoy the daylight, eggs, smoothies, and some sloppy kisses from your dog (c’mon, your cat won’t wake up for breakfast anyway, right?)
Quick tip: They’ve got a special new East Indian menu available, it’s called Queimada, and we’re BIG fans of it.


Pet Birthday celebrations at Zoobar. Image: Instagram.com/shitzu_myjaan

ZOOBAR, Vile Parle
ZooBar allows you to take your pet along from 2 pm to 7 pm, after which they have a special kennel on their premises where you can leave your pet along with other’s pets! They’ve got a wide selection of beers and respectably-blended cocktails to offer, and the food is known to be really good. The best part? They have a pet’s menu as well, and you can book the place for your pet’s Birthday party, while the chef whips up a cake for your pet and his buddies!
Quick tip: Sign up for their newsletter to know about their pet-centric events.

Moshe’s, Cuffe Parade
At this Moshe’s you can bring a pet and let them enjoy the outdoor seating section. The pebbled open space is comfortable for pets to walk around and take in some fresh breeze, while you sit there and enjoy their indulgent, comforting fondue or among our favourite cheesecakes in the city. We’d love to go here on Sunday, with a good book and a pet alongside to keep our company.
Quick tip: Pick up the Caramel Squares if you’re in a hurry. We are sure you’re going to love them!

Coffee by Di Bella, 4 outlets
Known for decadent Waffles and the most sinful FreakShakes in the city, Di Bella Café also has 4 pet-friendly outlets! Visit their Bandra, Versova, Mahim and Santacruz outlets with your pets. An evening with hot chocolate gets even better if you spend quality time with your pet while sipping on some hot coffee.
Quick tip: Go hard with a sugar rush from the FreakShakes, or take it easy with a reliable Hot Chocolate


Which of these places will you take your pet to next? Tell us in the comments!