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By Mumbai Foodie September 21, 2018
Asian Food Goodness At Plum By Bent Chair!

Kamala Mills added another feather to its cap by being home to Plum by Bent Chair, the city’s first retail restaurant. Now, not only are you eating delicious food but you can shop while doing so, with absolutely no guilt! How, one may ask? Well, Dineout India offers you a great discount– 20% off on the total bill & 40% of ladies table (only Mon- Thurs) on your entire bill. Read on to know more about this new swanky place.

Plum By Bent Chair is a welcoming, sophisticated space that allures you due to its dynamic interiors and its concept. It goes beyond just interaction between a patron and the food and extends itself to almost everything that one sees around you. Everything on display at the restaurant; be it the chair one is seated on, the platter served in or the table being chatted over, is all a Bent Chair creation. The elements around you allow a live interaction between a potential buyer and the product, hence giving you the opportunity to “feel before you buy”, unlike most home décor stores around us today.

Interiors At Plum By Bent Chair

Interiors At Plum By Bent Chair

Well, in addition to this feature, it has a delectable Pan Asian menu that one cannot resist indulging in. Bringing in aromas from the far East, the interesting and innovative menu has a spread of deliciousness. One must try the Fried Soft Tofu, the Black Fungus and Bamboo Shoot Salad, which are signature dishes. The Aubergine Fries and the Shanghai Pork dumplings are both different from regular Asian restaurants and sets Plum apart yet once again. The sushis are absolutely divine too! The balance between the sushi rice and its contents are perfect and we would recommend the Prawn Tempura Uramaki and the Plum Blossom Urakami. The generous quantity is another benefiting factor here, if we may add.

They also feature a quirky dessert in the form of a Nutella Sushi Uramaki and have a Plum Tropical Fruit Citrus Cheesecake. Both are interesting and different concepts, one worth trying.

So, what we are basically saying is that if you are someone who loves to shop and eat (who doesn’t?) and are short on time, you know where you can go do both! Plum by Bent Chair is ideal to integrate a beautiful shopping and dining experience for you. What is better is that Dineout India is offering you a 20 % off on your entire bill! So you can eat what you like and buy the plate if you like what you’ve eaten on and still save a whole lot of money. We are absolutely loving this concept, aren’t you?


Written By Sama Ankolkar.