Pod Supply is a customised meal service that will actually help you achieve your goals

By Krishna Bahirwani January 10, 2018

I’ve always known that eating better would exponentially improve my physique and overall health. However, even though I have managed to create a pretty healthy cycle of physical activity, I would often still find myself eating whatever was available to me on the move.

To combat this, I tried a couple of meal services, only to find that they weren’t able to consistently deliver food I liked. This just led to me skipping the meal I didn’t enjoy or ordering in some comfort food. To find a better alternative, I began the search for customised meal services and stumbled upon Pod (Personal Optimised Diet) Supply.

Pod Supply designs your meal plan to provide unparalleled customisation and support. Catering to some of the biggest names in business and entertainment industries, they understand what it is like to work with demanding and exceedingly picky clients. As a customer, I come with a wide variety of preferences, both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. However, when I presented my choices to chef’s Mohit Savargaonkar and Harsh Dixit, they were more than ready to create a plan for me. I opted for a customised trial service for twelve days to see all that the company had to offer. The company usually only offers weekly and monthly trials.

Vegan Cleanse

Image - Vinayak Grover

Image – Vinayak Grover

After my initial discussion with Mohit, I was pretty pumped about trying their meal service and started giving him suggestions on what we could start with right away. Mohit explained to me that I needed to give my system a cleanse so that I could feel the benefits of the upcoming meals, I readily agreed.

“In today’s world, we put our body through physical and psychological stress. The convenient habit of eating out of packets has led to shorter life spans and life-threatening diseases early in our life. Our body needs a timely reset from all the pollution. This can be very well achieved and maintained by sticking to a plant type diet. Plants are rich sources of micronutrients which help us detox, recover and maintain physical health and in turn our psychological health. It is the most sustainable way of eating.” he added.

This was my first time going vegan and to be honest, I was a little nervous. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be something I could adjust to. Mohit and his team assured me that it would be worth the effort, and so I decided to give the idea a try. The first four days of my twelve-day diet was going to be a vegan cleanse.

At first, it was a little tricky to cope with the diet and a slight sense of weakness that came with it. Once I got the hang of it, my body started to feel clean. The meals were simple but also delicious. I opted for the four-meal plan which had me eating four smaller meals as opposed to the three large meals we are used to. The more modest meals helped me digest the food better and in turn increased my overall productivity throughout the day.

Breakfast included dishes like Homemade Nutella Porridge and Steamed Idlis with Tomato Coconut Chutney. I’d like to think lunch was the meal that was split into two, to be had at least two hours apart. The first meal would usually include a high protein vegan salad and the second meal was soup or a portion of pasta. Dinner was light and came loaded with vegetables served with homemade dressing.

The Familiar High Protein


While I wouldn’t say I follow any particular diet, I have made a consistent effort to include as much high protein food in my daily intake as I can. Therefore of all the three diets, I had broken my twelve-day trial into, this was the one I was most accustomed to.

When I asked Mohit about how he was going to be selecting the meals for me, he said “The meals is a scientific calculation of all the three macro elements (proteins, carbs & fats) of nutrition. Diet’s are very personal and differ from human to human. There is no one size fits all. The meals & ingredients have been selected keeping in mind your current body weight and eating patterns and are tweaked to attain your goal of lower body fat percentage.”

The meals felt like a welcome change after my four-day vegan stint. I was happy to welcome meat and cheese into my diet again. The three-day high protein phase also came with some delicious food. I was able to eat some of my favourite dishes including but not limited to Chicken Tikka, Kung Pao Chicken, Chicken Kheema and Goan Fish Curry.

Ketogenic Diet

Scrambled eggs, creamed spinach and mushrooms, roasted tomato and caramelised onion.

Scrambled eggs, creamed spinach and mushrooms, roasted tomato and caramelised onion.

The Ketogenic diet or Keto as it is popularly known is easily one of the most popular diets right now. Initially developed as a medically-prescribed diet for patients with epilepsy, Keto has risen to fame amongst those looking to lose weight without having to give up cheese or butter. I have loved having cheese and butter as a part of my diet ever since I was a kid, so the idea of being able to shed weight without giving up either was an opportunity I wasn’t going to miss.

I was happy that my first experience with Keto was going to be with Pod supply because it allowed me to pick meals that were similar to things that I was already eating to make the transition easier. Mohit also added a lot of cheese to the diet to make the entire thing more appealing to me.

While the breakfast usually included some form of eggs, the remaining three meals were a lot more fluid. Amongst non-vegetarian food, I only eat chicken and seafood, so there weren’t too many options for the team to work with. That being said, I was very happy with what they were able to come up with. Dishes like Palak Paneer, Chicken Steak and Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce were easily some of my favourites.

Before I knew it, the twelve days were over and I did not feel the need to eat outside the meal plan even once. I really enjoyed the meals and felt a lot healthier. Right around the time I was completing my meal plan, the team at Pod Supply let me in on the fact that they were starting one-day trials. Priced at Rs 4,500 for a four meal trial, the service costs what you would pay for a meal at an upscale restaurant. For the same price, you get a meal service that puts you at the centre of your food and nutrition and provides you with unrivalled service.