Dineout’s Drink Deals At Pub Exchange, Navi Mumbai Make It A Party

By Mumbai Foodie December 28, 2018
Pub Exchange at Navi Mumbai

If there’s any business that unites most Indians, it’s the stock exchange. And what’s better than this unique concept when it’s combined with our shared passion for getting sloshed? Navi Mumbai’s Pub Exchange by Smaaash has been designed to give us proper stock market feels, with LCD screens and LED tickers.

Dineout India has a great offer running, wherein you get your first drink at Pub Exchange for INR 55 only, and a 20% discount on your food bill.

Drinks at Navi Mumbai's Pub Exchange

Drinks at Navi Mumbai’s Pub Exchange

For the risk-loving trader you, this place runs just like the stock market, but instead of betting on stocks, you get to bet on drinks! If you’re smart and lucky, there’s a lot of scope to win big. With their own technology, Pub Exchange has recreated the algorithm to mimic that of the actual stock markets, so that it can detect the demand and supply of drinks at the bar in real time through the use of their app (iOS and android) where you can place your orders. So not only can you literally trade at the bar, you can do it digitally, too. The best part? Everyday, the market crashes, too! Which means drinks at rock-bottom prices, and though that may not mean good things in the real stock market, it honestly calls for a party in The Pub Exchange!

If you are already a trader, this is a fun way to engage in business in a playful setting, and if you aren’t one, this place is ideal for you to try your hand! Even if you fail, the result is great: you still get drunk. To elevate this fun drinking experience even further, Dineout is offering a 20% discount on the food bill at Pub Exchange if you book through their app or website, ensuring every hour is happy hour at this exciting bar. Book here.